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WooHoo! Another 2.4 pounds off. That's the good news.

The crappy news is that my period started yesterday. Why is that so unusual you ask?

I'm 52 years old.

Web MD says that perimenopause begins for most women while they are in their 40's, but you are not really in menopause until you go for 12 months, one full year, without a period. Yesterday was day 295, five days short of 10 months.

SO, officially I'm still in perimenopause, and after this period stops the count down begins again.


At least I've not had hot flashes, severe mood swings, or any of the other side effects of perimenopause, but honestly, I'd rather have hot flashes than still be needing pads right now.

However, and I do enjoy the irony of this, my husband is going through male menopause and HE is having the hot flashes. There is justice in the world.

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