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NCIA Spoilers

For those of you who have not yet seen tonights season finale of NCIS and don't want to know who dies, DONT READ THIS

DAMN THEM!!!!! I knew, I just KNEW it would be Kate. From the very beginning, when she told McGee that anyone of them could die any time they walked out of the building, I knew it would be her. And the drawing she was doing of Tony at the start of the show, I envision MAJOR guilt trip over that from him. And to leave it as a cliff hanger?!

People love the show. They are going to be back next year. You don't have to pull these kind of story lines to bring back the viewers.

I had read on another site that they filmed three different endings, one with each of the team being killed while on the last mission, and I could see where the other deaths could have occured. But I knew all along it was going to be Kate.


I wonder who they have lined up to be the next female agent for the show? She's got some pretty big shoes to fill. And Tony will be so much nicer to her. It will spoil the whole dynamic for a while.

Damn them.

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