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I feel like a traitor to our ASH, but I have a new love. It's his older brother, Murray.

I must admit right now that one of my secret vices is his song One Night In Bangkok.

I bought a copy of his Greatest Hits cd just to get a copy of that song, and OMG!

It's not the version that was on the video. He doesn't use that American accent that he used in the video and the tempo is a little slower. He sings the song about one octave deeper than anything else on the cd and I dare anyone to listen to it and not have smutty thoughts.


Especialy the part where he is whispering 'I can feel the devil walking next to me' in the background. It gave me such a clear image of Ethan Rayne in my mind, that I'm tempted to try some Ethan smut.

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