March 20th, 2005


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Jelly Donut Drabble - Take Two
Title: Only Those Two
Author: Gilesbabe
Rating: Harmless, everyone welcome.
Disclaimer: Don't own them, making no profit, please don't sue me.

I was writing this evening and had the television on for background noise. Something, don't remember what, set off a chain in my mind and I thought of something I saw a couple of weeks ago. This story is a product of that.

Only Those Two

Giles lifted the confection to Buffy's mouth, taking care to not smear any on her face. She ate, nibbling on his fingers. Giles rubbed his thumb over her lower lip as he withdrew his hand.

Buffy picked up the next piece, looking at it, then at him.

"Buffy, you wouldn't."

She gave him an innocent smile, lifting the piece to his mouth. At the last second she swerved.

Red covered his mouth and chin. He kissed her, sharing the mess.

Xander turned to a laughing Willow. "Only those two would have a wedding cake made out of miniature jelly donuts."

The End

Author's note: What I remembered was seeing a short piece about a couple who loved Krispy Kreme donuts so much that they held their wedding at the local shop. The wedding cake was a pyramid made out of miniature crème filled donuts.
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