March 23rd, 2005


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Just sent a request to tech support to find out how to post my stories. I know that there is some way to link to the allthejellies site, but I'm a computer dummy and I didn't understand the FAQ's. Hope I get the answer soon, I want to start posting stuff.

Yesterday I was looking over the allthejellies postings from last year and saw a challenge from mrsdrake. The story popped into my head at once, and demanded to be written. So, although I am currently working on five other stories, this one pushed it's way to the head of the line. Once I find out how to do the ljcut thingy and can post, this one will be the first.

Also, hurray!!! My mother-in-law is gone!!!! Ding dong the witch is gone. (With apologies to all wicca out there). Life can begin again.
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