April 14th, 2005


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Got Ursula back from the mechanics today. Finale damage $465 of which only $126 is parts. Labor kills. She still has things wrong with her, but nothing else that HAS to be fixed right now. Dug out an old repair bill on same model car from 10 years ago. Same problem. Total bill, $175. Wish I knew of some place here that taught basic auto matientance to older women.

Posted Chapter 3 and the first part of Chapter 4 of Somewhere In Time to the yahoo groups that I belong to. Got very nice responses. The only problem is that everyone wants more. NOW. My mind refuses to work on that one, it's been hijacked by the PWP sex story. Althought to tell the truth, just a hint of a plot is creeping in.

I received an invitation to a women's retreat the last weekend in September. I'm going. The money doesn't need to be paid until the first of June, so I can swing it. It really sucks living paycheck to paycheck.

I got major mad at a couple of people at work today, and hey presto, depression gone. Guess I just needed to let my inner moppet out to have a hissy fit.

Bought a new, for me, CD the other day. Evanscence's Fallen. Does anybody agree with me that three of the songs on that CD are perfect matches for Buffy's relationships? Bring Me To Life is when she is fighting with Giles about his leaving her for her own good. My Immortal is when Angel leaves just after Graduation. and Haunted is the perfect reflection of her twisted realtionship with Spike prior to his going to get his soul.

Just wondered if anyone else agrees with me.

It's not all that late here (9:10) but I need to get to bed. I'm going in at 5:00 tomorrow morning and I need my sleep.
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