June 8th, 2005


crazy 'r' us

Work has been absolutely insane the past two weeks and today was the topper.

Management decided, in it's infinite wisdom, to undo something that has worked well for the past five years. The message from corporate is 'reduce lead time, reduce turn-around time, reduce overtime' but this step will guarantee an increase in all three.

This affected me personally because I was running the department that was merged back into the one it was split from. I have known this was coming for several months, and while I have been preparing, today came as a shock.

The final move was scheduled for Friday. I was ready for Friday. All people concerned had all plans centered on the fact that I would still be available for them until Friday.

At 10:05 this morning the I.S. guy showed up to move my computer, printers, and phone. Even when it was pointed out to him that the paperwork specified FRIDAY, he said it was today or not until next week, that he wasn't going to make the drive back to the site again this week. My manger, instead of calling his manager and making them stick to their commitment, caved. So my computer, printers and phone are in one building and all of my personal items are still in the desk in the other. The desk they set me up in is locked (and has been for months)and security says they can't find a key, so they will need to call in a locksmith and that expense needs to be justified. So I have no place to store my purse and other valuables when I need to go over to the other area and clear matters up.

And most of this mess was caused by the all mighty corporate money saving plans of outsourcing the I.S. department, plant maintenance, and plant security.

And to top it all off, I kept getting these "Oh, it's so nice to have you back home" comments from the ladies I used to work with, and am now back with. I know they are trying to needle me, to get me to show them that I am upset by the downgrade. But it's not a downgrade, not really. I may have had a certain autonomy in the other area, but it wasn't any more pay and most of the time my direct manager even seemed to forget that I worked for him. I was always being left out of the loop on departmental information. One time, a little over a year ago, I discovered that he had deleted me from the group e-mails.

Oh, well, grin and bear it. Thank the goddess that I have this to let off steam.

panic attack

I know that I'm going crazy. I just asked to do another fic. While this may not sound especially strange, consider the facts:

1. I am currently working 10 hour days M-F and 8 hours on Saturday. I even logged 4 hours last Sunday.

2. I have 7 wip's

3. I am signed up for two ficathons, one due on the 30th of this month and the other due on the 15th of next month and I haven't started either.

But does my brain care? No, it says, oh that one looks like fun, lets ask if we can do it.