June 14th, 2005


new dvd

Bought the Highlander The Raven dvd set today. Certainly not that crazy about Elizabeth Gracen but Paul Johansson is a real doll. Love the scruffy 'hasn't shaved for a couple of days' look that he has throughout the show.

In a way they did wrap it up, so they must have known it was being canceled, but at the same time it could have gone on for another season. And the way it ended left lots of fan fiction story lines. Too bad not that many people jumped on the band wagon. Maybe most people didn't watch the show because of her. That platinum blond hair just didn't look right, not when you know that she has such beautiful dark hair.

Or maybe the Highlander viewers thought that she wasn't worthy of a spin off. Personally, I would have preferred seeing Peter Wingfield in a Methos spin-off.

Anyway, it was fun scanning through a few of the disks to catch my favorite scenes, and I plan to do a marathon on Saturday to watch the set. Popcorn anyone?

something different

This is the first time I've tried something like this. This story was written for wickedfox's darkverse.

Title: Proper Place
Author: gilesbabe
Rating: FRAO - Disturbing imagery, bondage and discipline.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters and am making no profit from this story.
Summary: Giles teaches Buffy a lesson.

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