June 22nd, 2005


dark fic

A couple of weeks ago I posted a dark fic to wickedfox's darkverse community. I wrote this story as a way of stretching myself as a writer. I wasn't very comfortable putting myself in the mindset to write it and from the feedback that I received here, I think I did accomplish what I set out to do.

So, I then posted it on my yahoo groups and got one feedback. That person didn't get the whole point of the story and was snarky with me about the ending. Okay, everyone has their own opinion.

Next I posted it to the Buffy/Giles site. What happened next floored me.

Three people gave me feedback. They liked it and wanted a sequel.

I'm not sure what's wigging me out the most: that they liked it that much, or that they wanted more.

And what's really freaking me out is that one part of my mind is trying to figure out a way to do it.

Wow. I guess I don't know myself as well as I thought.