September 9th, 2005




this is me from the convention. the hotel has free internet connections in a little room just off the lobby, so i'm checking in with all of you.

met some nice people, becky and rocky, and we passed the time between photo shoots talking about our favorite buffy and angel episodes. becky has been to numerous conventions and lives a couple of hours from knoxville. rocky lives here and is a convention virgin. becky and i are showing him the ropes. met this other lady, anne, who is a real cut-up. she brought different outfits and went to change between photo sessions.

the talk has been of how dissapointed everyone is that tony couldn't make it, but everyone understands. work is work and everyone has to make a living. lots of stories being told about other tony encounters at other conventions. one lady that i met, and i'm embarrased to say that i've forgotten her name, has tried on threee different occasions to see tony at a convention, but something has always happened. she was the most upset person that i've met. she was so sure she would get to met him this time, but not to be. I think this was all her fault. if she hadn't signed up, he would have made it. (please, oh please, don't let her see this)

had my picture taken with all the people who are coming, except andy. he doesn't get in until tomorrow. autographs are being done right now, but I want them to sign the picture we had taken together, so i'm not getting my autographs until tomorrow.

Sis, so far I've bought pictures and tickets for andy, juilie, and clare for you. if you see this and if you want more, reply tonight. i'll check the journal tomorrow morning before the other autograph session.

got here around 5 last night and spent the evening in my room writing. have almost finished chapter 5 of somewhere in time. the hotel is nice and the room is better than average. the bed is something else. eight, count them, eight pillows and a feather duvet. it was the best nights sleep i've had in a long time. i took a picture and will post it when i get home.

cocktail party is in a couple of hours so i'm going to my room for a while to relax and probably write some more.

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