January 30th, 2006


haiku triplet

My first attempt at a haiku and, of course, I kept going and turned it into three.

I am part of a writing group here in Tucson that meets once a week. For an exercise we decided to do "A Day in the Life' of Tucson. The date was randomly chosen, July 27th, as was the day of the week, Friday. We then divided the hours among us. I got 3 am and 10 am.

I was stuck, Bunny, my Muse, having run off again, David, one of the other members said that it didn't have to be a full story, it could be anything we wanted to write. Short story, poetry, whatever.

Bunny popped in at lunch today and this is the result.

Friday July 27th

3:00 am

Wolf howls, rabbit runs

Wild life has little pity

Nature rules desert

Sirens wail, cars speed

Police ever vigilant

Man rules city streets

Moon a watchful eye

Colors bleached to shades of grey

Shadows cover all
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