June 23rd, 2006



Last night I was writing my Summer of Giles story, and had a really good flow going. I was about 3 pages into it and decided I needed to look something up.

Aparently, I didn't minimize the screen, I closed it. It didn't give me any warning. When I tried to go back, the story was gone. Zip.

I have auto-save on my Word, but it hadn't saved with that either.


I remember the outline of what I had done, but not the specifics. I was so upset I hardly slept last night. So right now I'm at work, fighting to stay awake and unable to concetrate on what I should be doing.

Why can't I win the lottery so I can stay home and write? Even though I'm doing a job that I like now, I resent coming to work and leaving my writing. Does anyone else feel like this, or am I weird?