June 24th, 2006



Saturday night. I'm home alone. Jim had arranged to have someone pick him up so I could have the car and go to the Serenity screening here in town. It started at 7 so I figured that if I left home by 6 there would be no problems. It's only about a 10 minute drive, but I don't like to rush.

I was writing this afternoon, my Summer of Giles story, and lost track of time. At about five after six I noticed the clock and shut down the computer. A quick change of clothes, wash the face, brush the teeth, comb the hair and I was on my way out the door.

The phone rang.

We have caller ID and I saw that it was my Mom. Instead of letting the voice mail get it, I answered. After all, you never know when it might be something important. No, she just wanted to talk. So I was trying to keep the impatience from my voice while I was pacing the kitchen and watching the clock. I told Mom about Jim's accident last week, and that we were now a one car family, and then I lied. (Colleen or Loretta, if you read this don't you DARE tell Mom about this part, okay?) I told her I was going to a meeting of my writers group and that someone was picking me up. I promised to call her tomorrow, which I will. I zoomed out the door. It was now 6:25.

Not having been to this theater for a while (it's an independent and doesn't show mainstream movies) I didn't know if they took plastic, so I went to the nearest bank machine for cash.

The machine was empty. NO MONEY.

I had to drive around and look for anther bank machine. Found one, got the cash, and off to the theater. Pulled in, not too many people standing out front (it's now 6:45) so I figure that people are all ready inside finding seats and so forth. I find a parking spot fairly easily and go in. There are about seven people ahead of me in line. (By the way, they didn't take plastic, cash only).

The line is moving, slowly, when suddenly I hear "WHAT?" from the guy two people ahead of me.

They were sold out.


Two people in front of me.

So, if I had paid attention to the time and gotten out of the house when I intended to, or if I let the voice mail get it instead of answering the phone, or if the bank machine hadn't been empty, I would have seen Serenity and Buffy at the movies tonight. Instead I came home, gave Jim the car, called for a pizza and pigged out while watching my Serenity DVD.

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