August 21st, 2006



It's been quite a while again. Fell into a little bit of a depression. July has some bad memories for me.

I wasn't sleeping very well, about 3-4 hours a night, so I gave myself a little trip to cheer myself up and get some sleep. Didn't work. The trip was nice, a fan convention in Vegas (got my picture taken with Kevin Sorbo, he's a real sweetie) but the hotel sucked.

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First of July was one important milestone for me. One year since my last period. I'm officially in menopause. YEAH!!!!!!!!

No hot flashes, no night sweats. Wicked mood swings though. I'm pretty sure that's where the depression is coming from. Some days it's just an effort to get out of bed. And my writing has suffered. The ideas are there, they are cramming my thoughts, I just don't seem to have the patience to sit down and type. Work may have a bit to do with that. I've been handling things pretty much on my own with the other girl out on maternity leave and there just aren't enough hours in the day. She was suspposed to be back today, but I wasn't there so I don't know.

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