August 27th, 2006


butt kicking

Okay, people. Time to kick my butt.

I keep sliding away from my journal and I need to reconnect myself to it and all of you again.

This is what I'm proposing.

For the next week I am accepting prompts for drabbles. Any number (please be reasonable) can be requested and you can also request characters. Just one prohibition: I don't do slash.

So, if you were to say: Giles and Xander and the prompt is kiss or kissing, you will get something along the lines of a story about a first time one of them kissed a girl, you will NOT get Giles and Xander kissing.

The story might end up longer than 100 words, but a drabble is what I am shooting for here. Each day, starting tomorrow, I will post one story in my journal. If it's a Giles or Buffy/Giles I will also post to allthejellies. I am keeping the offer open for one week cause I know that everyone doesn't check in everyday and I want anyone who is interested to be able to request something from me.

This is to both challenge me to start writing again, thereby maybe finishing some of my other work too, and to keep me writing in my journal and not brooding and depressed at home.

I look forward to some interesting ideas.