August 31st, 2006


for mrsdrake

mrsdrake asked for a story with Buffy and Giles and either puppies or kittens. I chose kittens.

This isn't a funny one, not like the last two, but kittens in the Jose verse made me think of only one thing.

mrsdrake, hope you enjoy it anyway.

Everybody's Fool

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wes wolf

for mrsdrake - again

After choosing kittens, I had an idea about puppies. So, mrsdrake, this one's for you too.

I know, I had originally said drabbles, but I can't seem to stop. Not that this is a bad thing. Tonight's story is worse, it's part one of two. I will keep with the theme of one story a night and post part two tomorrow. On with the show.

It’s a Dog’s Life - part one

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