November 2nd, 2006



Yesterday was day one and I wrote exactly 0 words.

But, it's okay, I know what I'm going to do and where it's going to go.

Instead of doing the sequel to last years story (which really deserves to be cleaned up before I go anywhere else with those characters) I am stealing an idea from antennapedia and I'm writing in the Buffyverse.

However, I'm creating my own characters, and there will be minimal contact with cannon characters. The story is called The Slayer Chronicals, and each 'chapter' is about one of the thousands of girls around the world that was activated by Willow's spell.

Since I'm at work right now, I can't start, but I will begin when I get home and I'll post a bit from it tonight and see what ya'll think.

Later, gater
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Okay, here is the first attempt at the beginning of my story. Word count 655.

Feedback is truly appreciated. Be honest, I can take it. *maybe*

The Slayer Chronicles


Once Upon a Time.

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