January 9th, 2007


again, something different - Farscape

At least one more of my old non B/G stories, then I start posting the B/G stuff that isn't here yet.

This is the very first fan fiction story that I ever wrote, and I did it in just a little over an hour. It kinda screwed me up, because nothing else has ever come so easily or so quickly.

I don't remember if I posted it under a pen name or my real name, but I do know that the three sites I posted it to no longer exist. So, unless someone put it on another site without asking, this is the only place you'll find it.

Another thing, I was a rabid Farscape fan at the time and read all the fan fiction that was out there. I was the FIRST person to ever refer to Aeryn Sun by the nickname of Sunshine. Really. I wouldn't lie about that. I thought it was an obivous choice, and I got such a kick when they used it on the show. Not that they got the idea from me. Like I said, it was obivious.

This is a 'what if' different interpertaion to the episode 'Jerimiah Crichton'

Rated G - No sex, no violence, no bad language.


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