January 8th, 2008



Grabbed the wrong disk this morning and wound up working on something I haven't touched for a couple of months. Work was busy and I only got to do it at lunch, but I added a paragraph, so still writing. But I was a little upset with myself cause I had had a great idea for one of the two Atlantis stories and wanted to get it down. Real life interrupted after work and I didn't have a chance to write this evening.

Stayed on program again today. Yeah!! Got on the scale this morning and down one more pound, so it must have been liquids keeping my weight up after I hardly ate during my cold. We'll see tomorrow. Not looking for another loss, just as long as I don't gain.

Not so good with the exercise. It's very hard to get going. Years of a sedentary lifestyle aren't easy to overcome, but I'm working on it.

Talked to the hubby and he seems to be on board with the idea of going to Vegas for our anniversary. This one will be either 28 or 7, depending on how you count it. We got married on Leap Year Day (Feb 29th)1980. I want to find a tacky wedding chapel and do a re-newal of vows. Right now, I'm leaning towards a vampire theme. But the Egyptain one looks pretty goofy too. Or, just go whole hog and have it on the Enterprise bridge at the Star Trek experience. Hum, decisions, decisions.
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