January 16th, 2008


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I ordered a cloak from a woman on e-bay. Hooded,velvet, reversable, made to order. My choice of size, length, and colors. I'm getting black/garnet, 60" long, and since I'm only 64" tall, that means it's floor length. The hem is 15' around. The pictures she had on e-bay were beauthful and if this is even close to the picture I'd say it's worth the price. $79 plus $12 shipping. There were a lot of cloaks that were less expensive, but they were just the one color and of the 'one size fits all' catagory and as any one who is a 'queen' size knows, those 'one size' don't fit all. So I know this will fit.

Got a Dracula cape for hubby on e-bay as well. This is going to be so much fun.
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