January 21st, 2008


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I keep falling off the diet wagon, but I also keep getting back on, so maybe my inner child will finally shut up and let me get on with it.

Started going to Curves this morning before work. Felt really good for a couple of hours, then started to stiffen up. Thank god for asprin. But it was fun and all of the other ladies there were very welcoming. I was surprised to see that many (6) people exercising at 6:30 am. And a group came in together at 7. Jennifer, the woman in charge, said that these ladies are retirees who come in every morning. They talk about the previous day and plan the coming one. Funny, but if I was retired I could think of better things to do at 7 am, like sleep. But that's probably why I'm in the shape I'm in.

Still writing a little bit every day. One of these days I'll get something finished.
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