February 28th, 2008



It is 1:05 am and I can't sleep.

We leave for Vegas at 10 tomorrow morning. Our vow re-newal is Friday and I am more nervous about this than I was our real wedding 28 years ago.

This was all my idea, and Jim has gone along with everything I want, but now I'm having second thoughts. I wanted it to be something fun for just us, but now most of his and my co-workers say that they will be watching. So, stage fright.

Deep breath. In, Out.

To hell with everyone else. This is for us, for fun.

If you have a stray thought at noon on Friday, send it my way. We will be at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapels, in the Main chapel, going through the Gothic ceremony for a re-newal of our vows. By Jim's request, the minister is the Grim Reaper (I wanted Dracula, but Death is okay too).

I will be wearing a long black dress with a black hooded cloak that has a red lining. Jim will be all in black as well. I bought him a Dracula cape (black with red lining of course), but I don't know if he will wear that or not. The whole thing can be viewed live via the web cam on the site, so although it's just the two of us I think we are going to have around 30 people tuning in.

Wish me luck.

(in, out, in, out)
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