March 6th, 2011


back to try again, yet again

I know, I've said this before.  I'm really going to try to write in this journal more often.  Just in case anyone still cares.

I am going to try a snapshot format.  I'm having trouble with my real life writing, and maybe if I do a little fan fiction writing it will jump start my brain.  And someday I will get the Buffy/Giles 'You Can Leave Your Hat On'  finished, as well as the other stories I've got hanging.

This might be a bit of a shock, since I've only written het fiction before, but I'm going to try slash.  Dean/Castiel.

So, starting tomorrow, I'll try to pick a snapshot item and write a bit of a story, and when it's done, it will all go together.

Fingers crossed.

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