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the shag list

Jumping on the bandwagon here. Following the example set by wickedfox and so many others

Ten Fictional Characters I'd be Willing to Shag

Television list only. And I think I'm being a little more serious than some of the others who did this. So, sue me. It's my list.

The first two prove my age, and the fact that I had a VERY active imagination when I was in my early teens.

1. Captain Lee Crane - David Hedison on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea --Tall, dark hair, brown eyes and voice that made me melt. My first TV crush.

2. Illya Kuryakin - David McCallum on the Man From UNCLE. The opposite of my other fancy, shorter, blond with blue eyes. But again, that voice. Wow.

3. Mr. Spock. Don't laugh. Leonard Nimoy. Tall, dark hair, brown eyes. Seeing a pattern? And again, the voice. I seem to respond to auditory stimulus. Ya think?

Nobody appealed to me for a while, then.

4. Hawkeye Pierce. Alan Alda. Tall, dark hair, brown eyes. Hawkeye had a twisted sense of humor that I loved.

5. Thomas Magnum. Tom Selleck. See above description. Thomas also had a twisted sense of humor, and a sense of honor that ran bone deep. I really loved his loyalty to his friends.

6. Jean Luc Picard. Patrick Stewart. Gotta say the voice is what draws me to him, not that the face and the body aren't good too, but something about that accent.

7. Remington Steele. Pierce Brosnan. Typical looks for me, but again it's the accent. Love those Brits. And didn't really go for him that much as Bond. Strange.

8. Q. John de Lancie. He and Leonard Nimoy put out a series of books on tape of classic sci-fi stories in the form of radio plays under the name Alien Voices. Listening to his voice with headphones. Wow.

9. Wesley Wyndham-Price. Alexis Denisof. My typical type, and that accent. I don't care that he's not really English, he sounds like one. And it's Wesley from season 4 Angel, the Wes that's teetering on the edge. He played that part so well, made you just want to take him home and love him to make up for all the rest.

10. Rupert Giles. Anthony Stewart Head. Last on the list, but not in my heart. Older than most, and not a pretty boy, like some of the others. But those eyes, and that voice. Sigh. I bought a copy of a book on tape that he reads just so I could listen to it to go to sleep. It makes for some great dreams.

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