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drabble for mrsdrake

mrsdrake asked for drabbles to help take her mind off our monthly problem. (Yes, our. Almost 54 years old and I'm still having my periods. Don't get me started.)

I posted it to her already, and now I'm posting it here. Maybe it will give you a little chuckle too

The sharp cramp woke Buffy. She got up and went into the bathroom. Taking care of things, she downed a couple of Midol, and slipped back into bed.

Though she tried to keep still, the continuing twinges had her shifting restlessly. An arm slid around her and a sleepy voice asked, "What's wrong, Love?"

"Cramps. I took some Midol, but it hasn't started working yet."

"Anything else you can do?"

"Heat helps, but I haven't bought a heating pad or hot water bottle since we moved here." Another pain had her drawing a deep breath. "It'll ease up soon. Sorry I woke you."

"No, love, nothing to be sorry about. Maybe I can help." The body behind her moved, his other arm sliding beneath her and pulling her back against his chest. Two large hands slid under her nightshirt, cupping her lower abdomen.

The heat from his body sank into her, easing the slight ache in her lower back. The warmth of his hands soothed the tensing muscles. Buffy sighed and relaxed into the love and comfort that only one man had ever given her. "Giles, if I'd known you could do this I would have married you years ago."

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