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Lately work has been HELL, but today was even worse.

I work for a major corporation. I work for the aerospace division of that company. Layoff used to be a yearly occurence that you feared until more people were hired after you. Even though we are not a union shop, they always went by seniority when it came to laying people off. In case of equal time in service, it went by performance and whether or not you had discipline problems. We hadn't had a lay off in over three years.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a memo from corporate about an upcoming lay off. Words like attrition, volunteers, and thinning out middle management were used.

Today the reality hit home.

My department, which is already on mandatory overtime because we don't have enough people to do the job in eight hours, lost three people. One from each of the three areas that we service.

First was a sweet man with 20 years in the company, who had always had good reviews and never been written up. BUT, he had a new team lead who didn't like him. The bitch has only worked there 7 years, and has been complaining about him since she became his team lead. WHy? Because he was gay. But because this is a right to work state, and employment with the company is AT WILL, they can let anyone go at any time and don't have to give a reason. Even though we know what the reason was. Too many people is that particular area for the amount of work, was what he was told. It didn't matter that both of the other people had been trained by him. No. He was the one let go.

The second was the team lead in the second area. He had just finished extensive training in our new computer system that will be going online in a couple of months. He was supposed to be one of the trainers for the other people in his area. Again, 18 years with the company. But he had never gotten along with our new boss when they worked together before the other guy got promoted. So, hit the road, jack.

In some ways, the third was the worst. She had worked for the company a little over 8 years. Again, good reviews, no disciplinary problems. Her crime? She had hurt herself at home and had been on medical for the last month and a half. They called her at home and told her she was laid off. Told her to pick someone to pack up her personal things and bring them to her. Told her they would send all of the paperwork she needed to fill out by registered mail, and to send it back the same way. Don't call us, we'll call you.

Then, after three hours of not knowing if the axe was going to fall on any more of us, our supervisor called us together for a meeting. He told us that the lay offs were over, for TODAY.


That, depending on the economy and the dictates of corporate, anyone could be laid off at anytime between now and the end of the year. Oh, and if you haven't already cleared vacation time with him, don't bother asking because it will be denied. If you still have vacation days that you haven't used, oh well, too bad, you will just lose them because they won't roll over into next year.

Ye, fucking, haw.

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