gilesbabe (gilesbabe) wrote,

convention again

A lot of people are very pissed off this morning.

Andy didn't show up yesterday. He missed the two flights that would have gotten him here in time for the karaoke/cocktail party. No explanations. Didn't even call the event promoters and let them know. They found out when they went to pick him up at the airport and he didn't get off the plane. His agent was called and she assured the event people that he would be on the 11 pm flight so he would be here for the photo shoot at 9:00 this morning.

Again, he didn't make the plane. Again, no explanations, no letting the event people know. They again spoke with his agent who PROMISED to get him on a flight that would get him here by 5 this afternoon. No one is holding their breath.

Tony not coming was a bummer, but at least he had a good reason, and he called and let the event people know. He has also promised to send autographed pictures for the event people to mail to everyone in lieu of an apology.

But, as far as we can tell, Andy just screwed around and didn't get on the plane. If he has a good reason, he's not letting anyone here know. So a lot of people are very upset and talking about staking him when he gets here. At least it makes a good mental image.

Oops. Mark Lutz just came in and wants the computer.


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