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Okay it's about 4 hours after the last post. Still no Andy, but the plane doesn't land for another half an hour or so, so there's still a chance.

I had been seated at Tony's table, and figured that I would just be without a celeb at my table, but they did some mojo and switched people around and I ended up at Mark's table. I expect to have fun things to tell after dinner tonight.

I have heard that there are some good things to be auctioned after dinner, so maybe I'll be getting some memorabilia tonight.

Since I got off the net for Mark earlier I didn't get to tell about the Karaoke party last night.

Rocky turns out to be an awesome singer. He did three songs on his own, and a duet with Anne. Anne ISN'T a good singer (but frankly, she's better than me)and the duet was pretty funny. They did Sonny and Cher's I've Got You Babe. What made it even funnier is that Anne is 4'9" tall and was dressed to the nines in a purple sequined gown. Rocky is 5'7" and was in jeans and a t-shirt. He got down on his knees and was still even with her. I am kicking myself now for not bringing the camcorder. I had bought it for recording Tony's Q&A and his singing after supper. Since he wasn't going to be here, I didn't figure I would need it. Boy, I would have loved having Rocky and Anne on tape.


Typical karaoke night, some good singers, some fair, and some just plain awful. BUT, at least they had the courage ( or the liquor) to get up in front of everyone to try. It would have taken a lot more than I drank to get me up there. We got one free drink, and since the hotel was charging $6 for more, I figured that drinking was not going to be a problem for me. Then Rocky, that sweetie, bought a bottle of champagne for the four of us. Four glasses later and I was singing along. Rocky kept trying to get the four of us up for a group song. Maybe, if the evening had lasted a little longer, and if I had drank more champange, MAYBE I would have gotten up on the stage.


That's all for now. I will probably wait until tomorrow to update about the dinner party.


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