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Halloween, costumes, and Ethan you do the math

Trick or Treat – Part Two

See part one for disclaimers

This is the adult part. You have been warned.

When Giles entered the great room most of the girls started giggling. He hesitated on the threshold, tempted to go back to his room and take the bloody costume off. Then Abby walked up to him and smiled. God, she looked so much like Buffy. Like he had dreamed a child of theirs would look.

She took his hand. “I think you look terrific, Mr. Giles. Thank you for doing this for me.” She pulled him down and gave him a little kiss on his cheek, then stepped back, blushing. She gave a little spin. “What do you think of my costume?”

Thankfully, he knew who she was supposed to be; Xander had certainly watched the show at his flat often enough. “I think you make a very convincing warrior princess.”

“I wanted to go as a Slayer, but Rona reminded me that most people don’t know about Slayers and they wouldn’t know who I was supposed to be, so this was the next best thing.”

Giles looked over at Rona, who had been following the conversation. ‘Thank you,’ he mouthed. She nodded, smiling. He glanced at the clock. 6:02. “Time, ladies. Is everyone here?” The girls in costumes gathered near him and he counted heads. On impulse, in his best Transylvanian accent Giles said, “Come, the night beckons. We must be off.”

There was an instant of silence, then Faith gave a wolf whistle. “Go, G!” The girls surged out the door, chattering happily. Giles rolled his eyes and followed.

Two steps outside the door, Giles felt the spell begin to take hold. Bloody hell! Ethan! That was his last coherent thought as Rupert Giles.

Not that his real persona was entirely gone, and a good thing too. Because, you see, the spell was quite literal. The costume was identical to the one Bela Lugosi had worn in the movie, so Giles became the version of Dracula that Lugosi had played. Instead of a hungry vampire on the prowl for the nearest victim, he became the centuries old aristocrat looking for the woman he had chosen as his new bride. And because Rupert Giles was still in there, ‘Dracula’s’ mental image of ‘Mina Harker’ was Buffy Summers.

Since Ethan’s spell had been aimed at him alone, the girls continued on their way, talking and giggling together, not realizing that their chaperone was heading in the opposite direction. Half way down the block, Abby turned to say something to Giles. She stopped. “Where’s Mr. Giles?”

The others stopped as well, all of them peering into the darkness. Kim moved a little closer to two of the other girls. “Maybe we should go back.”

‘No,” Abby declared, “remember Mr. Giles said he might need to take care of things from time to time. He said for us to go on and stay together. That he would catch up with us as soon as he could.”

“But, we’re the Slayers, not him,” Sue protested. “He could be in trouble. At least one of us should be with him.”

Faith and Willow came running up. “Where’s Giles?”

“We don’t know,” Abby said, “we just turned around and he was gone.”

“Are all of you okay?” Faith had just finished asking the question when the girls were enveloped by a green light. She turned to see Willow studying the girls intently.

“They are fine. The spell just affected Giles. We had better get them back to the dorm.”

As the girls began protesting Willow noticed the smallest girl was just standing quietly, tears flowing down her face. Xeina outfit, blonde hair, green eyes, looked enough like Buffy to be her daughter. She turned to Faith. Faith had noticed who she had been looking at and nodded. “Well, it might be alright if we stay with them. Buffy didn’t want us interfering with her search, and this way we won’t be.”

Instead of cheering up, Abby started crying harder. “What’s happened to Mr. Giles?”

Willow knelt in front of the girl. “Someone has played a very mean trick on Mr. Giles and used magic to make him believe that he really is Dracula. Buffy is looking for him and she wants us to stay away. He won’t remember who you are and he might try to hurt you. Buffy can knock him out and call me to help her bring him home until the spell wears off.”

Abby looked at her in confusion. “Why only Buffy and who are you?”

Willow gave Faith an incredulous look. Faith shrugged. “Buffy is the alpha Slayer. She guarded the Hellmouth in Sunnydale with Mr. Giles. I’m Willow and my magic is what made all of you Slayers.”

Abby’s eyes grew wide. “Oh.” She nodded. ‘He won’t forget her, cause he loves her. So she can catch him without hurting him.”

Again Willow looked at Faith. Faith looked just a shocked as she felt, but she nodded as well. “Yes, he loves her and that’s why she has to do it alone.”

“Cause she loves him too.”

Willow stared back into the solemn eyes. “Yes, cause she loves him too.”

Abby heaved a deep sigh. “Okay. I guess we should go back.”

“No, it’s alright. Faith and I will take you trick or treating. You’ll be safe with us.”

Abby gave the Xeina war cry and did flips down the sidewalk. She and the other girls raced ahead. Faith gave Willow a look. “You sure you’re up to this?”

“No. I suddenly feel very old. Is this what Giles went through with us?”

Faith just laughed and ran after the girls. Willow sighed and slowly followed.


Dracula stopped in confusion. This wasn’t London. The street was too wide, the houses too far apart and everything was too clean. He watched a group of young girls in strange clothing walking ahead of him on the sidewalk. Children. What are they doing out alone after dark, and dressed so oddly?

He needed to find someplace quiet to think. He moved swiftly in the other direction, heading towards an area that was darker, less well lit. He frowned at the streetlights. Those were not right. They were too bright and he couldn’t hear the hiss of gas. What had happened and how had he come to be in this strange place?

An SUV full of partying teenagers drove by and he flinched away from the sight. What was going on? He needed to find his coffin, but nothing looked familiar. He had to find his coffin before sunrise. Panic began to take over, and responding to instinct he started to run. When the girl grabbed his arm and asked, “Where’s the fire, handsome?” he hissed at her, showing his fangs.

Instead of being afraid, she giggled. “Wow, nice outfit. And the fangs are a good touch. Are you late for a party?”

He cautiously studied the young woman. She did not fear him. Perhaps she was a worthy candidate. He shook his head. No, he must find Mina. She was his true mate.

The girl thought that he had responded to her question. “If you’re not late, why the big rush?”

“I am searching for someone. Perhaps you have met her? Her name is Mina Harker.”

The girl giggled again. “Cool accent. Mina Harker, huh? So I guess that makes you Dracula?”

Dracula blinked, startled. Then he smiled suavely, and bowed. “Yes, I am Dracula. May I have the honor of knowing your name?”

“I’m Sandy.” She gave him a coy glance. “Say, Drac, why don’t you come to my party? I bet Mina’s there.”

He frowned slightly at her bastardization of his name, but considered her proposition. He recognized the look in her eye. She was a common whore, not worth after all, but she could certainly be useful for a quick meal. He was feeling thirsty and didn’t remember when he had last fed. There were too many people around; he would need to get her alone. He started to move closer, but stopped.

There, on the edge of his awareness. Mina. She was near. Perhaps this harlot could lead him to her after all. He bowed, waving his cape in a flourish. “I would be delighted to accompany you to your party. Lead the way.”

“It’s just over there.” She pointed to a house on the far end of the park. All of the lights were on and the music could be heard even where they stood. They walked quickly to the house and entered.


Buffy looked around in frustration. He was here, she could feel him. The park was full of people in costumes. God, didn’t these idiots know how dangerous it was to be out after dark? Of course not. That’s why the Slayer existed, so people could be idiots at night. She closed her eyes again, looking for the golden thread. It was bright, indicating that he was close, and it led straight ahead. She opened her eyes.

There, across the park, she could see two people entering a house. The man was wearing a cape. “Giles,” she said softly, and hurried across the park.


A few feet behind her Ethan Rayne chuckled. “Oh, no, Buffy, that would be much too easy. Let’s make things more interesting.” He gestured, enclosing the house in a bubble where time moved just a little bit faster. “There, now Ripper has a chance to have some fun before you stop him.” He gestured again and disappeared.


Dracula entered the house behind the young woman and instantly lost his awareness of Mina. He turned to leave, but couldn’t. Something was preventing him. The girl, Sandy, took hold of his arm.

“You can’t leave yet, you just got here. You haven’t even looked around to see if Mina is here. Hey everybody,” she shouted over the music, “Dracula’s here to party with us.”

More girls rushed over to mob him. “Wow, great costume.” “Does he do the accent?” “Neat cape. Can I try it on?” “Does he have the fangs?” Sandy stepped between him and the other girls. “Back off, he came with me. I get the first dance. Come on.” She grabbed his hand and dragged him out to the center of the room in the midst of the other writhing bodies.

Dracula was bewildered by the loud noise and the movements the people, Sandy included, made around him. She stopped, and put her face close to his ear. “Why aren’t you dancing?”

He stared. “This is dancing? I don’t know this kind of dancing.”

Sandy gave him a sexy smile. “I bet you’re really good at other kinds of dancing. Why don’t you show me?” She again took his hand and led him out to a dimly lit porch. “Is this better?” She put her arms around his waist and swayed against him.

He smiled, showing plenty of fang. “Yes, much better.” He kissed her, pushing her against a wall. His tongue thrust aggressively into her mouth, and he moved suggestively against her, making her moan. When he finally released her mouth and began kissing his way down her neck she was gasping for air. He lifted his mouth from her neck for a moment to whisper in her ear, “Do not be afraid, my dear, I’m just taking a sip.” He returned to her neck.

Her dazed expression registered puzzlement for a moment, then it cleared as she giggled. “Oh, right. You’re going to bite me. Go for it, Drac baby.” She arched her neck back, exposing her throat to him.

Her casual acceptance of his intentions had him pausing again for a moment. What a strange girl. But the scent of her blood, so close to the surface of her skin, drove him forward. His fangs sank deep and she gasped. The blood surged into his mouth. Ah, ambrosia. He sucked hard, once, twice, and she shivered in surprise at the erotic sensation. He gave one last strong pull and her body quaked in orgasm.

He withdrew his fangs and licked at the seeping wound, frowning when it magically healed, leaving only a large purplish bruise. He stepped away from the girl, leaving her leaning against the wall. Her eyes opened.

“Oh, my god. I’ve never….I just….you…Wow.” She tried to stand away from the wall, but her legs wouldn’t co-operate.

Smiling, Dracula held out his arm. Sandy took it and looked up at him with a serious expression. “You are dangerous.”

He gave a half bow. “Of course, I am Dracula. Allow me to help you return to the party. I must be going. I need to find my Mina.”

“Lucky girl,” Sandy sighed.

Just as they reached the door that led back into the house, a door behind them opened. Awareness flooded him. Dracula dropped Sandy’s arm and spun around. “Mina, beloved,” he said.


Buffy could feel herself moving slower, no matter how much she tried to speed up. Damnit, Ethan was around here somewhere. She scanned the park, but didn’t see him. Didn’t matter, he was there.

When she finally reached the house, she couldn’t get in. There was a barrier of some kind, and through it she could see the people moving a little faster, like a dvd on forward scan. She saw a girl grab Giles, pull him into the middle of the dancing crowd, then take him out another door. Buffy franticly began trying windows and doors all around the house, desperate to get to Giles before he hurt someone.

She arrived at the back of the house and tried the porch door. Nothing. She beat on it in frustration, but the barrier prevented the couple on the porch from hearing anything. She watched in dismay as Giles kissed the girl. And kissed. And kissed. Wasn’t he ever going to come up for air? You’d almost think he really was a vampire and didn’t need to breathe.

Finally, he pulled his mouth away, but he headed for the danger zone of her throat. Buffy watched in shock as the girl arched her neck. She could see fangs, real fangs, gleam faintly in the light just before Giles bit the girl. “NO! Giles stop!” she shouted, pounding harder, but she couldn’t get in.

Even with the speeded up time it seemed an eternity before Giles lifted his head and moved away. Buffy expected to see the girl fall to the ground, but her eyes opened and she said something. Giles smiled and bowed and offered her his arm. He started to lead her back into the house. Buffy couldn’t see any blood, although she did see a dark bruise on the girl's neck. He hadn’t really bitten her, he just given her a hickey. Buffy sagged against the door in relief.

It popped open and she nearly fell onto the porch. Giles spun away from the girl. “Mina, beloved,” he said.

Anger poured through Buffy. “Don’t you beloved me, not when you just had your mouth all over her neck.”

“It was just a sip, beloved, she was not harmed. I was looking for you but became trapped in this strange place, and it has been a long time since I fed.”

“Yeah, well, you shouldn’t have left the house.”

He moved over to her eagerly. “You know where our home is? Everything is so strange. I despaired of finding it in time. You know I must be in my coffin before sunrise.”

Buffy glanced at the girl, wondering what she was making of this conversation. Sandy was thinking that this guy was a really good actor, and that it was impressive the way he was staying in character. She took a couple of steps into the other room, then returned. “Hi, my name’s Sandy, by the way, and really it wasn’t anything more than a Halloween kiss. Nothing to get upset about. Just two people having a good time at a party.”

The other two didn’t respond. Sandy stopped talking for a minute, then cleared her throat. “Here,” she threw Buffy a key ring with a single key. “In case you want someplace a little more private to have that conversation that I see is going to happen. Everyone knows the pool house is off limits tonight, so you shouldn’t be interrupted. Just leave the key in the place when you go. Take all the time you need.” She gave Buffy a wink and leaned in to whisper. “You’re a lucky girl, he’s a dynamite kisser.”

Sandy gave Giles a quick peck on the cheek. “Bye, Drac baby. It’s been nice meeting you. I have a party every year, so if you’re in the neighborhood, drop by.” She turned and sauntered back into the house.

Giles turned to Buffy. “This is a very strange place. All of those girls seemed to know who I am; yet they were not afraid. Where are we Mina, and how do we get home?”

“Come on, we’ve got to talk.” Buffy went back out the door and looked around. The yard was large; probably two tracts had been used for the home. Back at the far edge of the property, near the fence, was a swimming pool and a small house. She started walking towards it, and Giles followed her. Buffy unlocked the door, entered and turned to face Giles.

Dracula followed Mina across the lawn to the small house, watching her body in the tight clothing she was wearing. The trousers fit her like a second skin, showing off her rounded hips and flat buttocks. The style of clothing was as strange as everything else that had happened around him that night. Strange, and highly arousing. Watching her hips sway in front of him made him want to grab her and bury himself deep within her.

Now, he told himself. This was the time. He had been patient long enough. Tonight he would claim her. Mina unlocked the door to the little house, entered and turned to face him. She opened her lips to speak, but he moved quickly and kissed her. Pushing the door shut with his foot, he picked Mina up and carried her over to the lounge against the far wall. He lay her down and followed, covering her body with his own.

Buffy pulled her mouth free with an effort. “Giles, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Dracula raised up on his elbows, pushing his arousal against her. Her eyes widened. He shifted until he was pressing into the notch between her legs and he rocked his hips. She gasped. “I do not know this Giles you speak of, my name is Vladmer, and I am going to do what I should have done long ago. I’m going to make you mine.”

This last was purred against her ear in that accent he was using, the accent that made his voice even sexier than usual. Buffy moaned. He kissed her again, his tongue thrusting in and out of her mouth in time with the rocking of his hips. He kissed her until she had to pull away, gasping for air.

He lifted up slightly, raised one hand, untied his tie and slipped it from his neck. He lowered his head to her neck and kissed down her throat, pausing at the scars where she had been bitten before. Buffy braced herself, waiting to feel him bite her, but instead he pressed gentle kisses against the scars. She was so distracted by his kisses that until he tightened the knot, she didn’t realize he had raised her hands over her head and tied them to the arm of the lounge.

Buffy gaped at him in surprise. He had tied her up! No problem, cause she could break free whenever she wanted. She pulled at the knot. Nothing happened. She tugged again. Still nothing.

Buffy bucked her hips, trying to throw him off, but found that her Slayer strength was gone. She was a normal girl, and at the mercy of a vampire. Ethan had to be doing this. Her breathing quickened and she had to fight down the feeling of fear.

“Giles, you don’t really want to do this. Ethan has put you under a spell. Please let me go.”

Dracula looked down at her reproachfully. “Mina, beloved, why do you insist upon calling me by that strange name. And yes, I am under a spell. I am under the spell of love that you cast upon me the day we met. I am not going to hurt you, I wish only to make you mine, as you were always meant to be. There is no reason to fear, my love. Trust me.”

Buffy looked up into those brilliant green eyes. Giles’ eyes, regardless of whom he was calling himself. And she did trust him. He hadn’t hurt that other girl, and she was a total stranger. Even if he did think he was a vampire, he wouldn’t hurt her. “I trust you, but do I have to be tied up?” She wiggled her arms, trying to loosen the knot.

He smiled, a smile she had seen before, seen when he was under another spell of Ethan’s. Ripper’s smile. “A little bondage can be fun, beloved. You will enjoy this, I promise.”

She flashed back to that time when she had slipped and said what she was thinking, instead of saying what she had meant to say. ‘Bondage fun.’ She remembered the momentary glint in Giles’ eyes. Oh, lord, Giles wasn’t in Dracula, Ripper was.

Before she could respond, Dracula took the two sides of her blouse and tore them apart. He smiled at the sight beneath him. His Mina had been a naughty girl and had not worn an undergarment. With her arms stretched above her head, her breasts were displayed for his pleasure. He immediately bent down and enveloped her right breast with his mouth. She shivered. He carefully kept his fangs retracted, so that he wouldn’t scratch her, and began to rhythmically suck. She moaned, low and deep. He pulled his mouth up, swiping his tongue across her nipple as he released it. He turned his head and gave her other breast the same treatment.

Buffy was shivering non-stop. Her breasts were very sensitive, but none of her previous lovers had spent much time kissing or touching them. Giles seemed ready to spend hour's just licking and sucking her breasts. He bent down and gave her left nipple a gentle bite. She convulsed in a climax.

While her body was still shaking, Dracula stood and quickly stripped off his clothes. He then removed the remained of her clothing. Buffy lifted her head to ask him to untie her hands, but again before she could respond he moved. Vampire speed, was the brief thought before sensation took over. He spread her legs, placed his mouth on her clit and licked while he entered her with one finger. She shrieked as another orgasm overtook her.

He lifted his head and smiled. “So responsive, my love. I knew you would be. You are my equal, in every way. I will spend the rest of my days giving you such pleasure.” He lowered his face and began licking her again.

Buffy lost count of the number of times she climaxed. She only knew that she was a limp mass of sensitive nerve endings when he finally lifted his head and moved up her body. She felt the blunt tip of his cock push into her. For a long time he lay on her, not moving. He reached up and untied the knot holding her hands in place, bringing her arms down gently. He placed them around his neck. His hands slid into her hair and he held her face still. His green eyes looked solemnly into hers. “Mine,” he said.

Buffy met his stare. “Yours, just as you are mine.”

“Yours,” he nodded and began to move, hips rocking back and forth.

The mechanics of sex are the same with any man. This wasn’t sex. This was making love. Even though Giles didn’t remember who they were, he remembered that he loved her. Ethan had been right. Buffy stated to cry. He stopped moving. “My love, am I hurting you?”

“No. I’m just so happy. Please don’t stop.”

His smile lit up his face. “As you wish.” He started thrusting hard and faster. She felt his climax begin and it set off another one in her. He leaned down and pushed her head to the left, exposing the right side of her neck, the side that had no other scars. “Just a taste, my love, no more.” Buffy caught a flash of fang, then felt his teeth sink into her.

This was just the last straw in a very stressful day. Buffy fainted. Her last thought was, ‘This is Ethan’s revenge. Giles is going to drain me, then tomorrow when the spell’s over, he’ll kill himself.’


Rupert Giles woke slowly the next morning. His thoughts were foggy, and his head was throbbing. There was also a very strange, metallic taste in his mouth. He opened his eyes, squinting against the light.

His first thought was, ‘This isn’t my bedroom, where am I?’ The second thing he noticed was that he was lying in a very narrow bed, and he wasn’t alone. He frowned at the back of the woman. She had a tattoo on her lower back, Chinese letters that his brain was just too hazy to read. Blonde hair.

Blonde hair, the same color as……….. He cautiously leaned over the woman and peered at the face. Buffy’s face. His foggy memories of the previous evening were clearing with alarming rapidity. He looked at her neck and saw the bite marks. The metallic taste in his mouth made terrible sense. Giles rolled off the lounge and onto his knees, heaving as his stomach emptied.

He felt movement, then a cool cloth was pressed to his forehead and a glass of water appeared in front of him. A gentle hand rubbed his back soothingly. “Easy, Giles. It’s okay.”

He looked up into Buffy’s face. “I raped you. I bit you and drank your blood. How can you say things are alright.” He dropped his head.

Buffy knelt beside him. “You didn’t rape me. Nothing happened, sex wise, that I didn’t want to happen.” His head lifted and he stared at her. Buffy blushed, and his eyes involuntarily followed the wave of red down her chest. Buffy tapped his chin. “Eyes up here, Giles.” He blushed this time and Buffy grinned as she followed it down. “Nothing happened that I haven’t wanted to happen for a long time, but I didn’t think you thought of me that way.”

Giles looked at the floor again. “I’ve thought of you in that way for a long time, but I thought it was hopeless. After all, I was so old and gross.”

Buffy groaned and leaned her head against his. “With all your experience, you didn’t recognize jealousy when you heard it? I was sure you thought I was too young and immature. I mean, you had sex with my Mom, and you had a relationship with a super model. Why would you look at me?”

“And I am the same age as your Father. Why would you look at me?”

Buffy shrugged, smiling. “They say love is blind, I guess we prove that.” She turned serious. “Ethan put you under a spell last night. You thought you were Dracula, so of course you bit me, but you didn’t drain me. You just took a couple of swallows.”

Giles’ stomach heaved again, but he managed to get it under control. Buffy pulled him up onto the lounge with her. He looked around for his clothes. “Dear lord, I have to walk back to the school in broad daylight in that costume. And what if it takes control of me when I put it on again?”

Buffy held up her torn shirt. “At least your things are in one piece. What am I supposed to do?”

Giles groaned. He seemed to notice, for the first time that, if their clothes were on the floor, both of them were naked. He buried his face in his hands.

“None of that, mister. After last night, you can’t be shy about your body.” Buffy took his hands and pulled them away from his face. She stood in front of him, waiting for him to acknowledge her. When he looked up at her, Buffy straddled his lap, wriggling. Giles kissed her fiercely. His body began to respond to her and she wriggled again, positioning herself for him.

There was a small ‘poof’ then a loud “EEP!”

Giles buried his face in Buffy’s neck. She looked around. “Willow, did you have to find us right now?” Willow was standing with her back to them, facing the window.

“Sorry, but you were gone so long, we were getting worried. Especially Abby. I did a locator spell on you last night, but you were both asleep and I thought I’d wait until you woke up on your own to come see if you needed help.”

“Well, we could use some clothes before you zap us back to the school.”

“Right.” Willow pointed a finger back over her shoulder and wagged it. Buffy felt something and looked down to see that she and Giles were both fully dressed. “You can look now.” Willow turned around, but before she could say anything there was another ‘poof’ and a crystal ball appeared, floating in midair. Ethan’s face was in the ball.

“Ripper, hope you had a pleasant Halloween. You too, Buffy. You know, even as a vampire, you’re still the gentleman. You didn’t do anything that made anyone try to kill you. Oh, well. I made a promise to myself last night, and as you know while I might break a promise given to another person, I never break promises to myself. I will not interfere in your lives again. Oh, and don’t bother asking me to be your best man, you know my feelings about the institution of marriage.” The image winked out, but suddenly came back. Ethan smiled. “However, I think I would make an excellent godfather. Be seeing you.” The crystal ball disappeared.

Buffy huffed. “I would ask Spike to be our kids godfather before I would Ethan.”

“Indeed,” Giles said absently. They both realized what they had said. Buffy smiled at him. “I think we’re ready to go home now, Willow. We’ve got a wedding to plan.” Giles pulled her into his arms and kissed her as Willow waved her hands and they all disappeared.

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