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It's been quite a while.

Work has been hell. I didn't think it could be worse than it was, but, surprise, surprise, it can be.

Monday (the 19th) was the first day off since Thanksgiving and that was only because I had the flu and a temp of 101. Missed work on Tuesday too. Went in Wednesday, but felt like crap and it was a really LOOOOOOG day. Made it through yesterday and today and, TA DA!! I'm now off until the 3rd of January.

Every year we get the week between Christmas and New Year as a paid holiday, but they always guilt trip us into working. Double time and a half is hard to resist. But this year, with all the other crap they've been putting us through made it very easy to say NO!

That plus the fact that I'm flying back east to my Mom's for the holidays.

So, what with the burn out from work and the burn out from doing the November novel thing, I've not written anything for about a month. I've tried. I can think the story along, but the minute I sit down to type or even write on paper, everything goes blank.

I really hope that the change of scene (being at my Mom's), decent sleep, and the fact that I'm not literally spending 10 hours a day on my feet, will allow me to finish some of my stories.

I'm taking several disks and my laptop with me, so fingers crossed and maybe you'll see something next week.

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