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Ten days into the new year before I have the chance to get back to my journal.

Christmas was lovely. Spent 11 days with my Mom, got lots of rest, and didn't think about work once. Just one little downside.

My muse has abandoned me.

I haven't written a single word for almost a month.

I thought it was because work was such a bitch and I was so tired. Which may have been the case then, but every time I sit in front of the computer to write now my mind still goes blank.

And work has not gotten any better. In fact, it's getting worse. Most of the people who were on the committee's that implemented the new system are bailing. Rats leaving the sinking ship. My boss, the cheap bastard who took my computer away at work, he's leaving as of Friday. And they currently have no plans to replace him. Our team lead is being expected to perform his functions, without the title or the money of course. She is so discouraged that she is thinking of quitting. I am too. I've been looking at the want ads, but at my age it's a scary proposition.

In other news.

Because of the weird hours I have at work (8am to 6:30 pm), I was forced to stop going to Weight Watchers. The only meetings in my part of town are Mondays and Tuesdays 9am, 11am, 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm. The only one I could get to was the 7:30 which made it after 8 o'clock before I got home and could eat supper. Not good. My lunch is at 1:30. I'm borderline diabetic and I can't go that long without eating and I couldn't less than an hour before weigh-in, so I couldn't do that one either. I haven't quite gained back all that I lost, but it's close. I had a talk with my team lead and got her to agree to letting me work different hours on Tuesdays so I can start going to meetings again. I need the group support and the discipline of stepping on that scale every week. So, fingers crossed, the battle commences again.

I met a group here during NaNoWriMo and we decided to set up a Yahoo group online and to keep meeting in person. I wasn't able to attend any meetings until after the first of the year, but they seem like a really nice group of people. We met last Friday night and just talked for about 4 hours, about writing contests and seminars in our area. One of the group brought a short story to critique. I think this might lure the Muse back. If nothing else, I'm making new friends and getting out of the house one night
a week.

So, that's my life right now. Fascinating, isn't it?

BTW - I have had a couple of requests to post some of my older stories, and I will get around to it.




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