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Yesterday was very stressful.

5:30 am delivered Mom to the surgical prep area.
6:40 they took her out and we had to go to the waiting room.
8:05 a nurse called and told us the surgeon that made the first cut, and that the operation was now underway.
10:20 they called to say that Mom's heart had just been stopped and she was on the by-pass machine.
12:50 they called to tell us that she was in recovery and they wanted us to move to the 8th floor and the CRU family waiting room.
1:30 the doctor came to talk to us. He said the surgery was textbook, no problems at all.
2:00 the nurse in charge of the CRU came out and spoke to us. He told us what to expect when we saw Mom, then took us in. He explained the monitors and what the readings meant. He said Mom was doing very well, and explained the rules for visiting in that area. Two of us could go in for 15 minutes every two hours.

4:30 my first visit. Mom was moving a bit, but hadn't woke up yet. She was still on the ventilator, and the alarm went off while I was there. The nurse said it was because her body was trying to breathe on it's own and that it was a very good sign.

My sister and brother took the last visit at 8:30 and they said she was awake, but still groggy. Since they still had her on the ventilator she couldn't talk to them, but she was answering questions with a nod or shake of her head.

When we went in at 8:30 this morning she was off the ventilator and clearly knew who we were. They had her out of the bed and on her feet at one point during the night. They had brought breakfast for her and although she didn't really feel like eating, she drank the juice and ate a couple of bites of scrambled egg. For less than 24 hours since major surgery, I think she was doing very well. As the day went on she became more alert and cranky. At the 6:30 visit they had her out of the bed and sitting in a chair. She was also feeding herself a few bites from her supper tray. They told us that when we come in tomorrow, she will be in her own room.

So, deep sighs of relief and a most sincere Thank You for anyone out there who took a moment yesterday to send a prayer for her safety. All of the nurses and doctors involved have said that Mom is they're favorite kind of patient; one who responds well and has no problems.

FYI - Mom is 82 years old. There is one other person in the CRU. He is 71 years old and he had the same operation as Mom. He has been in the CRU for 9 days and is still on the ventilator because he is having trouble breathing on his own.

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