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i'm baaaaack

I knew it had been a while since I wrote in my journal, but 8 WEEKS!!


So much has happened since my last posting.

After initially being fine immediately after her surgery, my Mom took a bad turn. She had a reaction to pain medication and we almost lost her. For days she just laid in the bed, a lump, barely breathing and not responding to us. Thankfully she had started to pull out of it when I had to leave to come back home. She's home now, but, she's still weak and can barely stand for any length of time. None of us kids had been very happy about her choice to have the surgery, although of course we want her around as long as possible. Now she say's she wishes she hadn't done it. Her legs are constantly swollen, much more than before the operation, and she tires more easily. But she's still with us, and sounds more like herself every time I talk to her on the phone, so maybe it will get better.

At work, I was put in a new position. No more on my feet for 10 hours a day. YEAH!!!! I work in the shipping office now. So much to do, so much to learn, the days just fly past. I've been in there a little over two months now, and still feel bewildered at times. There is one more function she hasn't shown me how to do yet, she wants to make sure I feel confident on the other stuff first. I'll probably start learning the new things at the beginning of next month. That will give me the rest of April to prove to her that I've got the other things down. What's really scary about the job is that she's pregnant and will be going on maternity leave at the end of June, and this is definitely a two person job, but they aren't training anyone else yet. She's told the boss, repeatedly, that they need to get someone else in there. So far, zip.

And speaking of the boss, I have a new one. The other one, the one who took my computer away last November quit in January. So, when I was put in the shipping office by the new boss, he got me my computer back. The same one. Mine, mine, ALL MINE!!!! Whahaha! sorry. Also, the old boss, he was the one who wrote our review for last year. Makes sense, after all he was in charge then, even if we hardly ever saw him because he was up at our sister plant in Tempe kissing ass to get his new job. Anyway, everyone said he wrote negative things on their reviews. Mine too. Not really bad, just things that might make a new boss not fully trust in your abilities. Jerk. He knew he could get away with it because he wouldn't have to sit across the desk from everyone when they read the reviews. Good riddance.

I haven't been writing. My mind has just been blank. Finally, about two weeks ago, I started feeling the urge and spent most of my free time for about three days working on four different stories: Blind Date chapter two, Somewhere in Time chapter seven, Watching Atlantis chapter seven, and a new story called Underneath. I was even writing during my lunch time at work. On the fourth day I came home, put the disk in my computer and ---zip. The disk was corrupted and wouldn't open. I had done something I had sworn I would never do. I forgot to backup the disk on the hard drive. I went online and downloaded a program called Bad Disk and tried to recover my stories. Underneath was there, except what I had written at lunch. Somewhere in Time was there. Blind Date was there. But Watching Atlantis was gone. All of it. I had already posted the first six chapters, so losing them on the disk wasn't bad, just losing chapter seven.

Fortunately, at least you might call it that, I have been working at that one for over three months, adding literally a word at a time. I had read the damn thing so often that it was pretty much burned into my memory. I managed to reconstruct chapter seven, a little different in spots, but mostly what I had written before, then burned out again. Today is the first day that I have felt like writing again and I added a couple of pages to Blind Date. It's been pretty frustrating because it's not going the way I originally intended, but the words insist on going in this direction. We'll see.

Enough for now. Just had to post and show those who may have wondered that I'm still here.

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