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Had an idea today for my Summer of Giles story. Need to do some research in Bartlet's for quotations about summer.

Saw an article in the newspaper. To celebrate Joss' birthday theaters around the country are doing a Serenity/Buffy triple header this weekend. An independent place here in town is going to be a part of it. The first feature is Serenity, then they are going to show 'Hush', then 'Once More With Feeling'. The theater manager called it a Rocky Horror for Buffy fans.

I don't usually go out at night, my husband works afternoons and I'd be on my own, but this is something I would go to. I would be among people with similar interests as well as leaving the theater with a crowd into a well lit parking lot. Things to be aware of when you're a woman driving alone at night.

On small problem.

Last Saturday night, on his way to work, a car ran a stop sign and hit my husband. Jim wasn't hurt, just seat belt bruises and banged knees from hitting the console, but our poor Ursula is not drive able, so he has to have our other car to get to work this Saturday. Poor George, he's going to be doing double duty until we either get Ursula fixed (not really very likely, she's 14 years old and it would cost more than she's worth) or we get another car.

Oh, well. Maybe we can figure something out. I'd really like to see Serenity on the big screen again. And a movie screen sized Giles? Yummy.

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