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I got the record that I bought on ebay today.

Tony singing Sweet Transvestite.


I've listened to it at least a half a dozen times. I think is was worth the price, which I will never mention cause I'm sure my husband wouldn't and even though he never reads my journal and he only knows one person who reads my journal (hi, sis) and I don't think she would tell if she knew, which she doesn't, I'm not taking any chances.

Whew. Try saying that without breathing,

Anyway. We have an older stereo system. It has a turn table, a tape player/recorder, and a cd player. The stereo is in the living room and the computer is in the spare bedroom, so no way to get the song directly from the turn table. I recorded it onto a tape and brought a little hand held tape player to the computer. I hooked up the microphone and turned on the sound recorder.

However, the thing has a sixty second limit and I couldn't figure out how to record something longer. So, I got the first 45 seconds of the song on the computer. There was a kind of break at that point in the song, so that's where I stopped it.

Now, I'll attempt to put the 45 seconds on my lj. Here goes nothing.

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