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This is the story that came from the prompt given to me by antennapedia. She asked for:

Giles and Buffy, and a mocha with whipped cream spilled all over one of them.

This doesn't go as far as I wanted to originally take it, but to post tonight, I think it's at a good stopping place. Gotta leave something to the imagination. :)

A Thing For Mocha

Buffy was bored. They were into the second day of presentations and it was all she could do to stay awake. The first couple of people had had some interesting ideas for the new Council headquarters, but the rest were all blurring together.

It was even starting to get to Giles. She had been around him long enough to recognize his 'not really there' expression that everyone else saw as intense interest. Buffy had tried to get out of today's meetings, but Willow had glared. "If I have to suffer, you have to suffer."

Lunch was now a fading memory and, she glanced at her watch, they still had another three hours to go. Buffy sighed. Willow gave her a look. "I was just wishing that I had one of those mocha's that we had for lunch," she whispered. "I need the caffeine."

Willow glanced around. She scooted her chair back slightly, bent her head and muttered a few words. Smiling, she handed Buffy a steaming hot cup, topped with whipped cream. In her other hand was one for herself. Buffy smiled. Sometimes there were benefits to being the friend of the most powerful witch in the world.

She took a sip, humming in delight. Perfect. She took a bigger drink. Next to her Willow gave an almost silent giggle. When Buffy looked at her, Willow brushed her nose. Buffy reached up and felt a small dab of whipped cream. She wiped it off, looking around to see if anyone had noticed. Everyone seemed riveted by the speakers, even Giles.

Buffy frowned slightly and looked closer. If she didn't know better she would say he was asleep with his eyes open. That wouldn't do. If she and Willow had to suffer, he did too. Buffy nudged his foot with hers.


She nudged him again, a little harder.


She kicked his ankle.

Giles sat up straight, turning to glare at her, then frowned suspiciously at the cup in her hand. "Willow," she whispered, "do you want some?" He shook his head.

Feeling playful, Buffy held his gaze as she dipped her index finger into the whipped cream and brought it up to her mouth. She slowly pulled her finger out, licking it with her tongue. Giles frowned harder, but she could see the flare of heat in his eyes, so she did it again. A slight flush stained his cheeks, and he looked resolutely back at the presentation.

Buffy slipped off her shoe and caressed his ankle with her foot, a mute apology for the kick. He nudged her back in acceptance, his gaze not leaving the speaker. Buffy grinned. This could be fun.

She leaned forward slightly, so he could see her in his peripheral vision, and again dipped her finger in the whipped cream, licking it clean. She did this a few more times, feeling Giles' leg tense next to hers. He shifted restlessly in his chair. Buffy then put her finger in her mouth, sliding it in and out a few times. The chair next to her creaked and she heard a soft growl.

Buffy turned at the sound and met eyes filled with green fire. Involuntarily she reached for him. Her hand hit the cup, knocking it over. The mocha ran across the table and over the edge, right into Giles' lap. With a muffled curse, he pushed back from the table, but it was too late. A brown stain covered the front of his tan slacks.

"Oh, Giles, I'm so sorry." Buffy's face showed distress, but there was a twinkle in her eyes. Several people rushed over to the table to clean up the mess. Buffy took a handkerchief from a woman and rubbed at the stain. Beneath the baggy slacks she could feel a very satisfying hardness. Giles grabbed her wrist, holding her hand away. "That's quite all right, Buffy, the damage has been done. No use ruining the lady's handkerchief too."

Giles addressed the group. "I have another suit in my office, but with the time it would take to change we would lose the momentum of the presentation. I say we stop for the day and start fresh tomorrow morning." There was a murmur of agreement. He looked at the girl standing beside him, head downcast.

"Buffy, would you please come with me? I would like you to run this suit to the cleaners for me after I change." Buffy nodded without looking up. "Yes, Giles." He took off his jacket and draped it over his arm, hiding the stain. The pair left the room.

An arm slid around Willow's waist and Xander's voice spoke in her ear. "They are SO going to be having sex."

"Oh, yeah."

"Sounds like a plan to me." Willow smiled and nodded and they left the room as well.

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