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for mrsdrake - again

After choosing kittens, I had an idea about puppies. So, mrsdrake, this one's for you too.

I know, I had originally said drabbles, but I can't seem to stop. Not that this is a bad thing. Tonight's story is worse, it's part one of two. I will keep with the theme of one story a night and post part two tomorrow. On with the show.

It’s a Dog’s Life - part one

Buffy stood in the doorway of the library, staring in disbelief. Willow, a similar expression on her face, sat on the steps that led to the upper level. The reasons for their disbelief were currently chasing each other around the library. Three puppies tumbled over each in typical puppy abandon.

Sitting alertly next to Buffy, pressing slightly against her leg, was an adult German Sheppard. When she looked down at the dog, he looked back up at her, green eyes startling in the dark dog face. “Giles?” The dog gave one sharp bark, and returned his attention to the puppies.

“Willow, how did this happen? What did you do?”

“It wasn’t me, I swear! Amy came in here crying. When I tried to get her to tell me what had happened she said something about her boyfriend and Harmony. Then she said that all men were dogs, and poof! Giles was turned into a dog and Xander, Oz and Wesley were turned into puppies.”

Buffy angrily looked around the library. “Where is she?”

“When the guys poofed, she screamed and took off.” Willow leaned weakly against the stair railing. “Thank goodness school was over for the day. If Snyder had seen this he would have called the dog pound and had them taken away.”

Faith strolled into the library and looked at the scene with amusement. One of the puppies stopped chasing the others and ran over to her. He skidded to a halt on the slick floor and sat at her feet with eager expression on his puppy face. Faith leaned over and petted him. “What a cute little guy. What’s his name?”

Buffy and Willow exchanged looks, then said, in unison, “Wesley.”

Faith chuckled. “Who would name a dog after him?” Something about the stillness of the others had her looking around. Her gaze stayed for a long time on the dog next to Buffy. She looked back down at the puppy. Bright blue eyes looked back at her. She leaned closer. She whispered, "Wes?"

The puppy gave a happy yelp and jumped up, licking Faith’s face. She recoiled, “Down, boy.” The puppy cowered away as if he thought she would hit him. Faith blinked. She crouched down next to Wesley, carefully extending her hand. “It’s okay, you just surprised me, that’s all.” She gently stroked down his back. The puppy quivered a bit then leaned into the touch. It wasn't long before he was sitting up, tail wagging happily.

Faith gave him one last pat. "Go play with your friends." She made a shooing motion with her hand. He gave a little bark and ran after Xander. Faith stood and walked over to Buffy. "Okay, B, what's the sitch?"

Willow told her what had happened. Faith frowned, thinking. "Okay, I can see the dog thing, but why is Wes a puppy? He's 30 years old. He should be an adult dog, like Giles."

"I think the spell worked on them by their mental age, not their real age." Willow said.

"That's kind of harsh."

"No, I agree with Willow. Just the other day when I was complaining to Giles about something Wes had done, he said that Wes had the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone, whatever that is, but that underneath he really wasn't bad."

Faith watched the romping puppies. "Yeah, not too bad. Though the cringing had some bad vibes."

"No kidding. I wonder what his childhood was like?"

Giles growled. Buffy patted his head. "Giles called some friends and asked about Wes' background. The guy liked Wes, mostly, but said that his dad was," Buffy paused, thinking, "how did he put it? I think the phrase was 'One bloody bastard'." Giles gave another growl.

"That is just weird. You can tell its Giles in there." Faith looked back at the puppies. "Okay, Giles is a German Sheppard, and Xander is obviously a Cocker Spaniel, but what are Wes and Oz?"

Willow gestured to her laptop. "I did a little research, just after, you know. Anyway, I got on a web site with pictures of different breeds of dogs, and the best I can figure is that Wesley is a Manchester Terrier and Oz is an Irish Wolfhound."

"Funny, I would have thought that he would have been a wolf, considering."

"I think the choice of breed had a lot to do with who they really are." Willow led the others over to her laptop. She clicked on the site she had bookmarked. "Look what it says about the dogs personalities."

German Sheppard: Direct and fearless, eager and alert. Bold, cheerful and obedient. Know for his tremendous loyalty and courage. Calmly confident, but not hostile. Serious. Almost human in his intelligence.

Buffy looked down at the dog who was once again by her side. "Whoa, that's Giles alright."

Cocker Spaniel: Merry and endearing. A happy tail-wagger. Gentle and trusting. Average intelligence. Lively and playful. A wonderful companion for children. Respects authority without much challenge. Sensitive. Devoted. Needs people.

Willow smiled sadly at Xander. "See, perfect." Buffy nodded.

Manchester Terrier: Very active, clean and smart. A good friend to his master. Can be headstrong and protective. Can be snappish. Needs thorough, firm training. Can be combative with other dogs when older.

The girls frowned at Wesley. "I'm not sure, but it's kinda like him," Willow said. Buffy nodded. "He can be snappish, and he was pretty combative with Giles in the beginning." Faith chuckled. "But it says he's trainable. I've got to get to work on that." Next to Buffy, Giles nodded and gave a little woof. "See, G agrees with me." The girls laughed and Willow pulled up the last page.

Irish Wolfhound: Gentle, patient, sweet, loyal and affectionate. Generous, intelligent and reliable. Dignified and willing. Not a guard dog by nature he can serve as one. Responds well to firm, gentle training.

"That kinds sounds like Oz, and he sort of looks like the picture, but I don't know. Willow, an Irish Wolfhound is a big dog, and Oz isn't." Buffy kept looking from the picture to Oz the puppy and back again.

"Well, he is a puppy, and trust me, I checked out all the pictures and that one is the closest to what Oz looks like now."

"Okay, so we know what kind of dogs they are. That's cool, but how do we turn them back?" Faith looked at Willow expectantly.

Willow looked back, alarmed. "Don't look at me. This is way beyond anything I can do." She looked at Buffy.

"Simple. We find Amy and make her change them back."

"But what do we do with them while we're looking for Amy? They can't stay here. They're going to need food soon, and they probably need to," Willow blushed and waved her hand towards the doors, "you know."

"If it was just Giles, I'd say he could stay at his place. But the others can't. Puppies have accidents and I don't think Giles would be too happy to find puppy pee on his things when he's back to normal." Next to her Giles grumbled in his throat. The girls laughed, and Buffy put her arm around him. "Cranky guy." He woofed.

Buffy sighed and lay her head on top of Giles'. "What are we going to do with you guys?"

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