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happy halloween

Good morning.


Yesterday was my 55th birithday. My last period was a year ago this past June. Guess what I got this morning for a belated birthday present.

Yep, my period.


So, I'm at work with cramps and a headache and to top it all off, I left my computer glasses at home so I'm squinting and adjusting my normal glasses to try to bring things into focus. Also, I come in this morning (having had yesterday off) to find that the other girl in the office took the rest of the week off, so I have to cover her stuff as well.


Oh, well, just another day in paradise. And, by the way, she's bid into another job here at work, so I only have to put up with her unti the 27th, which is when she starts in her new department. And since she took all of the this week off and I'm taking all of Thanksgiving week off, that only leaves two weeks that I have to deal with her. Yeah!!

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