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Okay, here is the first attempt at the beginning of my story. Word count 655.

Feedback is truly appreciated. Be honest, I can take it. *maybe*

The Slayer Chronicles


Once Upon a Time.

That is how all good stories began, true? Once upon a time?

So - Once upon a time there was a Slayer named Buffy. She guarded the Hellmouth and fought the forces of darkness for several years. She became the longest living Slayer in modern history. If you didn't count the two times she died.

Historians agreed, when looking back upon her life and times, that the main cause of her success was the fact that she didn't have Council training. Her Watcher was considered a rebel and he not only allowed her to have a life, but also encouraged her friends to help her. After the public knew the existence of vampires, demons, and alternate dimensions, the importance of the Slayer was acknowledged and celebrated. Buffy and her friends became legends.

Buffy Summers, the Alpha Slayer. The one who found the scythe and led the army that defeated the First Evil. After her death, at the unheard of age of 90, her exploits became required reading in schools, something that would have horrified her had she known.

Rupert Giles, Watcher. For all that he was the driving force for the establishment of the new Council, he had refused to take any part in its administrative duties. He remained at Buffy's side, as her Watcher, until his death. There were rumors that at one point they became lovers, but there was never any official acknowledgment of such a relationship. However, after his death, Buffy was seen wearing his signet ring on the third finger of her left hand and it was buried with her.

Willow Rosenburg, the most powerful witch in the world. Her life was used as a cautionary tale. Power corrupts, but absolute power doesn't have to corrupt absolutely, not as long as you have friends who love you. She also lived a very long life, and there are those who say she didn't die. That she merely shifted to another plane of existence after Buffy was gone.

Alexander Harris. Xander to his friends, and to the world. He became the first chairman of the new Council of Watchers, and the most revered in its long history. He taught the new Watchers that doing whatever was needed to keep their Slayer alive was their true duty. His death, while protecting two injured Slayers from a pack of vampires, prompted a worldwide day of mourning. His funeral was held at night and many in the demon community paid their respects as well.

There have been hundreds of books written and documentaries made. Their lives have been fictionalized in movies. Any number of young girls has claimed to be the reincarnation of Buffy. Sightings of Willow are still mentioned from time to time. There was even one twisted claim that Xander had been turned; that he was still running the Council from a crypt deep beneath headquarters and that Slayers volunteered to let him drink from them.

All of this is well known. Instead, let's go back to that pivotal day in history. The day of the battle against the First Evil. The day that Willow used the power of the scythe to turn the Potentials into an army of Slayers. "Are you ready to be strong?" Buffy asked the girls in her house. But the spell didn't just work on the girls in that house; it worked on girls all around the world. Girls who had no idea that they were Potentials, girls who had no knowledge of vampires or demons.

Who were those girls, and what happened to their lives the first few hours, the first few days, and the first year after the change? What effect did the emergence of Slayer abilities have on them and the people around them? How did the new Council find them? This book will explore the lives of a few of these girls. These are the Slayer Chronicles.

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