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new day, new year

Spent New Year's Eve alone, as usual. Hubby works at a bar and we only have the one car for now. Even if I had had wheels, I'm not a party person. So I sat at home, TV on for background sound (Eddie Izzard on BBC America), ate cheese and crackers and toasted the new year with a wine cooler. I also worked on several stories that I have hanging. Actually got one finished, and posted at around 2 am.

So, new day, new year.


1. The usual - lose weight.
Actually, this one is important. I've gotten way out of control and it's not just a vanity thing, it's a health risk now.

2. Have a more positive attidude.
I'm not talking 'little Mary Sunshine' here. An honest effort to see more of the good and not dwelling so much on the negitive. I'm sure that the negitive attidude of my former co-worker, along with a couple of other things, helped nudge me into my minor depression last summer.

3. Keep posting in my journal.
Just a little something, every day. Make the time to keep connected to the world. This should help with number 2.

4. Finish more stories.
I currently have around 12 unfinished stories floating around on disks and my hard drive. Organize my ideas and work on them before starting anything else. Keep lists of the new ideas so I can go back to them. WRITE EVERY DAY!!!! I once read somewhere ( I don't remember who said it ) that there is no such thing as writers block to a true professional writer. For them writing is a job that is done at specific times every day, just like any other job. So, everyday: write. Good, bad or indifferent, sit down and write something.

I think that those are enough resolutions, and I really plan on keeping them. Especially 1 and 4.

I hope that eveyone had a safe New Year's eve, that today finds you planning doable resolutions (if you do that kind of thing) and that today is the beginning of a truly happy new year.

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