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starting the new year right

Technically we had the week between Christmas and New Year off as paid holiday at work, but I work in the shipping office and the schedule had Month end (quarter end - year end) closing listed as the 30th. Any time we were scheduled to work would be paid at double time.

The boss didn't really expect things to be very busy, so they split the days up. I took Tuesday and Wednesday and my new office partner was to be there Thrusday and Friday, and I would come back in Saturday. We were scheduled to work 6 hour days. That was the theory.

I handle all the military shipments(the new girl hasn't learned that part yet, it's pretty complicated)and the cut off for the DCMA guys to sign off the shipments was Wednesday. Simple, yes? No.

The repair shop bombarded me with units on Tuesday, and Production followed suit on Wednesday. It was all I could do to check the paperwork against the contracts and submit them to the government. So, I ended up working Thursday as well, just to do the commercial bills of ladings on the big shipments, and the individual airway bills on the small ones. I was there from 6 am to 5:15 pm on Thursday.

11 hours at double time.

My paycheck this week is going to be a doozy, even though I bet I get bumped into a higher tax bracket. My office partner (who left after her 6 hours was up) offered to work Saturday. Not being a fool, I accepted.

That meant that I had four, count them four, days off. I think I slept through most of it. Anyway, today was the first day back at work. Rested, refreashed, and ready to tackle the challenges. It was pretty slow and we got filing and things like that done. Around 3 this afternoon my boss called me into his office.

Instantly, I thought I had done something bad. Paranoid and proud. Nope, he handed me a piece of paper. In recognition of the work I had done since the other lady had left the office, especially last week, he had gone to HR and gotten my title officially changed to Shipping Administrator, along with a nice raise.

I can't give details, but trust me it was REALLY nice. Like, around 25%.

This boss sure knows how to make a person feel appreciated.

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