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again, something different - Farscape

At least one more of my old non B/G stories, then I start posting the B/G stuff that isn't here yet.

This is the very first fan fiction story that I ever wrote, and I did it in just a little over an hour. It kinda screwed me up, because nothing else has ever come so easily or so quickly.

I don't remember if I posted it under a pen name or my real name, but I do know that the three sites I posted it to no longer exist. So, unless someone put it on another site without asking, this is the only place you'll find it.

Another thing, I was a rabid Farscape fan at the time and read all the fan fiction that was out there. I was the FIRST person to ever refer to Aeryn Sun by the nickname of Sunshine. Really. I wouldn't lie about that. I thought it was an obivous choice, and I got such a kick when they used it on the show. Not that they got the idea from me. Like I said, it was obivious.

This is a 'what if' different interpertaion to the episode 'Jerimiah Crichton'

Rated G - No sex, no violence, no bad language.


From the day that he had arrived, John Crichton knew that he had been an object of attention for all of the single women in the village. A stranger, falling literally out of the sky, like a gift from their gods. Someone new, unlike the men they had grown up with, different, mysterious, potentially dangerous. And the leader of the pack had been Lashala. Nice enough girl but, like most only children, a little spoiled. Add the fact that she was the daughter of the chief and you had trouble with a capital "T". She was used to getting what she wanted, and she had decided that what she wanted was John. He had seen the potential for problems early on, so he had a little talk with her father.

"Kato-Re I'm grateful that you have allowed me to live among your people. The kindness and generosity of the Acquarians are unequaled in my experience." John paused, as if unsure how to proceed. "I want to make known to you certain facts about my people, facts that are very personal. I have noticed that some of the young women in the village have been viewing me as a potential mate. This is not possible." He paused again, as if embarrassed, but he was thinking, This is just so corny, I hope he buys it.

"Please, friend Crichton," Kato-Re said solemnly. "Continue. You know that I will treat anything you say in total confidence."

"Back on my ship I already have a wife. It is one of the most sacred beliefs of my people that once a mating bond has been established between two people it is for life. Nothing can break it. The fact that I have been accidentally separated from my mate means nothing. I am bonded to her, there can be no other."

The chief looked puzzled. "Your beliefs force you to spend the remainder of your life alone? But this is an extraordinary situation! Surely there are other options; something in your customs that permit an exception."

"No, our mating bond is beyond separation, beyond death. I am committed to my wife. Nothing can change my love for her," John said sincerely as he fought to keep from laughing at the melodramatic phrases he was using. Control John, control! he told himself.

"Your mate must be a remarkable woman to inspire such devotion. If it would not be too painful for you, could you describe her to me?"

Describe her. Okay, do I make someone up? No, use Alex, it's not like she could ever know, right? He closed his eyes, and fixed Alex's image clearly in his mind – petite, blue eyed, and blonde - opened his mouth and said, "Her name is Aeryn Sun. She is tall, almost as tall as I am. Long beautiful black hair, and hazel eyes that change color with her moods. She moves with a fluid grace that makes it a pleasure just to watch her walk. Her voice is melodic, almost hypnotizing. She has a beautiful smile, but when she gets mad you want to be in another galaxy. It's really hard to describe her other than to say that, to me, she's perfect."

His eyes flew open. Oh my god, where had that come from? He was unaware that during his short speech he had had a very possessive smile on his face, and that it had been this smile more than his words that had convinced the chief that he had been telling the truth.

Time had passed, lazy peaceful days. It had been so nice not to worry about Crais, PeaceKeepers, or the various other dangerous beings that he had encountered since leaving Earth. Every so often he would speak to Kato-Re about his lost wife and the undying love he had for her. The chief had obviously told someone the stories because the village women left him alone, except for Lashala.

Nice kid, but annoyingly persistent. Always doing little things for him; cooking meals, making clothes, bringing him gifts. He was considering moving his camp further away from the village when the impossible had happened. D'Argo and Rygel showed up.

At first his anger had surprised him. After all the time that had passed he thought that he had come to terms with being abandoned. Then to discover that they had not intentionally left him behind. That they had spent precious time searching for him.

And what about Rygel? His refusal to accept the worship of the Acquarians. His insistence that no, he was not their God, just their sovereign. Who would have thought that ol' Sparky had it in him to be so gracious? He had been genuinely dismayed at how his ancestor had treated the Acquarians and had been determined to set the matter right. The fact that he had set things right was strictly an accident, but it had paved the way for their return to Moya. As a bonus, they were going to be returning with two cargo pods full of fresh fruits and vegetables, the gifts of a grateful people.

D'Argo took the first of the pods back to Moya to be unloaded. John cleaned up the area he had been using as his home and prepared the Farscape module for his departure. He returned to the village to once more express his gratitude to the chief and to say his farewells.

As he approached, he saw Kato-Re in conversation with Rygel. "Alliway Masata" he said using the traditional greeting for the last time. "I have come to say good-bye and to again offer my thanks for the help you gave me. I know there is nothing that I can do to properly repay you for all of your many kindness', but if there is any service I can perform before I go just say the word."

"There is but one service I ask, one that I know is in your power." said the chief smiling broadly. "I wish to meet the woman I have heard so much about during your stay with us. I want to meet your beautiful wife, Aeryn."

Rygel's head jerked around and he stared at John in confusion. "Crichton, what the yotz………?" he began, but John cut him off.

"NOT NOW Rygel!!" John muttered at him quickly. Turning back to the chief he plastered a smile on his face. "You want to meet Aeryn? She is very busy up on our ship. I haven’t had a chance to talk to her myself yet. I was saving our reunion for when I could be alone there with her."

"I would have thought that, after such a long separation, being with her would have been your first priority," the chief said with a puzzled look on his face. "I am surprised that she has not come down here to be with you."

Keep calm John, he told himself, You can think of a way out of this. Aloud he said "Aeryn is a little shy, she would feel uncomfortable if our first meeting after so long a time apart was among strangers."

"I disagree," said Rygel with a malicious smile. "You might be surprised at how your 'wife' has changed in the last quarter of a cycle. I think you should call and invite her down to meet the chief. Really, Crichton, it's the least you can do. Here, use my communicator."

"Thank you Rygel," John said through clenched teeth. "I owe you one."

Walking over to where he had some privacy, John was trying to think of how he was going to explain this. She was going to kill him, no doubt about it. How the hell was he going to get Aeryn to pretend to be his wife? He would be in her debt big-time. Wait – debt – that gave him an idea. It was crazy, but it might just work. Well, better get it over with.

"Yo, Aeryn. I need to talk to you."

"Can't it wait Crichton, I’m busy helping D'Argo unload the cargo pod."

"No, it can’t wait. Listen, Aeryn I've got a really big favor to ask of you. Now before you say anything, just hear me out. Remember back on Dam-Ba-Da when you used the holo-projector to fool the Vorcaron Blood-Trackers into leaving D'Argo alone? When you asked me to help you pay that debt to Furlow? Well I have a debt that I need your help to pay."

Silence. He was starting to worry when Aeryn's voice came over the com link. "What is it that you need me to do?"

Okay John, step one complete, he told himself. You've got her hooked. Now for the really hard part. "Now Aeryn, this part is a little difficult for me to explain. Promise you'll listen before you say anything."

"Get on with it Crichton" she said shortly.

"Well, back when I first got here, I had some problems with the chief's daughter. I guess she thought we 'clicked' or something because…."


"NO! I didn't say we clicked, I said she thought we did. And when the chief told me that, per the custom of his tribe, it is the female who has control over who she will marry and when, I told him that I wasn't available because I was already married. To you. I didn't think I would ever see you again, so I didn't think that the lie would ever be discovered. Now that you've found me, the chief wants to meet my wife. It's the only payment that he wants for all of the help he gave me while I was here. That's what I mean by needing you to help me pay my debt."

"ME married to YOU?"

"You don't have to really marry me. I just need you to come down here and pretend for a few minutes. You know, smile and be affectionate."

"Be affectionate."

"Jeez Aeryn, I wish you would do more than just repeat what I'm saying. All I mean is give me a hug and say you missed me. Well, what do you think? Will you help me?"

"Crichton, you don't want to know what I'm thinking. I said I will help you. I'll be down shortly."

"Thanks, Aeryn. By the way, don't forget to call me John, it would look odd if you called your beloved husband by his last name."

"Don't push it CRICHTON!"

Up on Moya Aeryn sighed angrily. Frell, what had she gotten herself into. She turned around and saw D'Argo watching her with amusement. Of course, he had heard the entire conversation. "You heard me tell him I would help him. If you don't mind, I'll take the pod down for the other load."

"Go on" D'Argo said, the laughter clear in his voice. "Rescue him from the chief's pretty little daughter. From what I saw she seemed quite attached to Crichton. He is lucky we found him when we did."

Fuming, Aeryn launched the pod from the cargo bay. "CLICKED!!! 'Chief's pretty little daughter.' Probably a little blonde bimbo just like that tech Gilina. And he expects ME to rescue him again. Be affectionate! I'll show him affectionate. Attached to Crichton is she. He must have given her some encouragement. And him, playing the poor innocent victim. Needing to use ME to chase away all of those marriage hungry women. Just wait until I get my hands on you, Crichton." The rest of the trip was spent working herself into a towering rage.

John looked up as the cargo pod circled low over the village. She would be here soon. Somehow the whole tribe knew that Crichton’s 'wife' was coming and they were all gathering around to catch a glimpse of her. He could only hope that she played her part. He shouldn't have used that beloved husband crack, but it had felt so good to push her buttons. He hadn't realized how much he had missed arguing with Aeryn until he had heard her voice.

Turning back to Kato-Re he saw that Lashala and Rokon had joined him with Rygel. Sparky was smiling at him. He was expecting a show. His eyes moved to something behind John and his smile widened. "CRICHTON!" came ringing across the village center. John winced. He met the chief's astonished eyes and said ruefully, "Oh crap, she's pissed." Turning around he said "Hey, Darlin'."

Aeryn came storming across the village, a Valkyrie in full battle mode. "Don't you
'Darlin' me, John Crichton. Just what the frell did you think you were doing? I don't care how upset you were; you should have stayed on the ship. You're always trying to get me to talk, to express my feelings. Why didn't you? Was I supposed to be a mind reader?" She was pacing back and forth in front of him, waving her arms expressively.

John was astonished. He had never seen her this worked up before. A thought suddenly hit him. She missed me! He started grinning as he watched her tirade. Aeryn stopped, shoving her face inches from his. "What the frell are you smiling about," she snapped. He reached out his hand and gently caressed her cheek. "I missed you too, Sunshine" he said softly.

In the space of a blink Aeryn's face crumbled. Her hand matched his movement, coming up to touch his face. "John, I was so afraid. Each day that passed lessened our chance of finding you alive. I didn't want to give up, but…" her eyes filled with tears.

"It's ok, darlin'. I'm here, I'm fine." He started to give her a hug, but Aeryn used her hand on his face to pull him into a kiss. Just like the time on the cargo pod, the tentative touch turned into hungry need. Nothing existed but the two of them in each other's arms.

Rygel broke the moment by saying in a loud voice, "Can't you two wait until you get back to the ship? You're embarrassing me in front of my subjects."

John lifted his head and growled "Get lost Rygel." He leaned forward to kiss Aeryn again, but she put a hand to his chest to hold him away. She refused to meet his gaze, her cheeks glowing red. "John, everyone's watching us" she murmured. He reluctantly let her go and turned once again toward the others.

"Aeryn, I would like to introduce you to Kato-Re, the chief of this tribe. If not for his good and generous nature, I wouldn't be here today. Beside him is his daughter Lashala and next to her is Rokon, the best hunter in the tribe. Everybody, this is Aeryn." He didn’t say the words 'my wife'; he wasn’t going to lie with her standing there where she could hurt him.

Kato-Re took both of Aeryn's hands and pressed them warmly. "I am very happy to meet you. Crichton has told me of your beauty many times during his stay with us. I can see that the reality is even more than his words could convey."

Blushing an even brighter red, Aeryn returned the clasp of his hands and said, "I am also happy to meet you, to thank you for taking care of John for me." Turning, she really looked at Lashala for the first time. This was the chief's 'pretty little daughter'? This child? How could this child believe that John would be interested in her? She suddenly realized that Lashala had been the reason he had lied to the chief. He is always so protective of the innocent, she thought fondly. Aloud Aeryn said, "I thank you as well."

Lashala looked at her defiantly. "I do not need your thanks. Crichton was a stranger who needed our help, nothing more. By the way, Rokon is more that the best hunter in the tribe, I have decided he is to be my husband." She tossed her head, turned and stalked away, stopping to summon Rokon with a gesture when he didn't immediately follow her.

John and Aeryn exchanged amused looks then turned back to the chief. John said, "I hate to seem ungracious, but we need to finish loading the provisions your people have so generously given us and return to our ship."

Aeryn stopped him with a look "You need to fly your module back to Moya and clean up, you smell like dren. And shave that – growth – off your face, it looks terrible. I’ll see to the cargo pod." She turned and started to walk away but was halted when John caught hold of her hand.

Pulling her back to him for a quick kiss, he said "Whatever you say, Sunshine." He chuckled as she blushed again and stomped off across the village.

"Truly, friend Crichton," said Kato-Re, "she is not what I expected from your description and yet she is. Beautiful, graceful and undoubtedly perfect for you. I am happy that you are reunited with her. May you not lose each other again on your journeys."

Later, on Moya, things were settling back into the normal routine. John was looking for Aeryn, but she had been avoiding him. When he finally found her, she was standing in command, checking the instruments. John walked over to the other console and stood looking out at the stars. My, isn't this familiar. The last time we were both standing here like this was after we were caught in the Flax. He cleared his throat, glanced over at her and said, "Hey."

Aeryn kept her eyes on the instruments and answered, "Hey."

Damn, she was going to be stubborn. "Aeryn I want you to know I really appreciated your help."


"And I want you to realize that I know the kiss was just part of the charade, nothing personal."

"Right, nothing personal."

"And it will never happen again."


They stood for a while in silence, then John turned to leave. With a cocky smile on his face he walked over to Aeryn and whispered in her ear. "Don't bet on it, Sunshine."

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