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Chapter 3 - Revelations

Three hours later Giles opened the door to his apartment. Buffy followed him in and closed the door, leaning against it. They stood looking at each other. "Well," said Giles, breaking the silence, "this has been an interesting morning." Silence returned to the room. Buffy broke first and started giggling. A few seconds later, Giles joined in. After long moments, Buffy tried to catch her breath to speak.

"I never thought I would feel sorry for Snyder, but, that name. On top of his being so short and with those ears, he must have been a bully magnet in school."

"I know, like fate had painted a bulls-eye on his back."

Buffy walked over and put her arms around him. "Did you get picked on too, my Rupert Bear?"

"Oh, God, I knew I was going to regret saying that in front of you. Of course I was bullied. Children, especially little boys, are monsters. Ethan used to make all manner of jokes about my name. Ripper came about as much for self-defense as anything else."

"I won't let anyone bully you any more. You're MY Rupert Bear." Buffy sighed, tightening her arms and laying her head on his chest. "I can hardly wait until after graduation when I can replace Mr. Gordo with my own personal snuggle bear."

Giles pulled her closer and whispered against her ear, "Snuggle bear?"

"Mhm. This morning was like waking up with a great big, warm, teddy bear wrapped all around me. It was wonderful. I felt so safe, so loved."

"This morning was the fulfillment of all my dreams; you in my bed, in my arms." He kissed down behind her ear, and bit gently. She moaned and shuddered. "That's the spot." He chuckled.

Buffy pushed him away, giving him a mock frown. "Hey, no fair. You know all that secret Watcher stuff from, how did you put it, that randy lot who were quite inventive."

Giles' eyes lit with a mischievous gleam. Buffy was reminded of Ripper when she first found him in the cemetery. Part little boy, part predatory male. She started backing away. "Now, Giles, behave."

Giles surged forward, sweeping her up into his arms. He sat on the couch, with her on his lap. He smiled, a very Ripperish smile, and purred, "Oh, I can be quite inventive on my own, Luv. Now, however, I am responding to your challenge." At Buffy's blank expression he said, "You remember, where you wanted to know if my smoochies were as good as Rippers'." He pulled her close and kissed her.

Long moments later he pulled back, looking down on her dazed expression. "Well, Luv?"

Buffy took a deep breath. "I say we don't wait until the next day, we should head for Vegas as soon as the graduation ceremony is over." She hooked her arm around his head and pulled him into another kiss.
Buffy had moved around to straddle his lap and things were beginning to spiral out of control when, on the edge of his consciousness, Giles heard his front door open. The loud exclamations had he and Buffy pulling quickly apart.

"Oh, my God!"


Oh, gross."

"Way to go, B."

"It's about time."

They turned their gazes to the group standing in the doorway. Xander looked upset, Willow stunned, Cordelia disgusted, and Faith was grinning broadly. Oz had no expression on his face, but his eyes were smiling. Giles felt a bit of a draft from the open door and looked down to see that his shirt was missing. A quick glance showed that Buffy was also topless. He pulled her back against him, shielding her from the others.

Buffy blinked, startled, when she felt bare skin on skin, glanced down, then looked up at him. She blushed, but grinned. "Oops."

"It's the candy, right?" Xander rushed into speech, obviously distraught. "Giles is still under the influence of the candy."

Willow looked at him in bewilderment. "But what about Buffy? She didn't eat any of the candy. Why is she all naked-y with Giles?"

"Well, maybe she was hungry and he didn't have anything else to eat."

Giles gave a little moan and dropped his head back against the couch.. "Xander, do shut up. All of you go back outside and close the door. You can come back in five minutes."

"Five minutes? Even at your age it should take longer than that."

Giles blushed bright red. "Faith!" He raised his head to glare at Xander. "Out!" The group hurried out the door and it slammed shut. Buffy's shoulders started shaking and Giles looked down in alarm. Tears were streaming down her face. "Beloved, I'm sorry," Giles began, then noticed that she was smiling. Laughter erupted.

"I wish I had a camera; that look on Xander's face! And Willow! I guess we don't have to worry about how we're going to tell them." Buffy paused, startled. "Wait a minute, did Oz say it's about time?"

"I believe he did. I'll have to have a talk with that young man. Meanwhile, we need to get dressed." Giles looked around and spotted his shirt on the far end of the sofa. However, when he picked it up, it was only part of his shirt. He looked at it, then looked at Buffy.

"Sorry, Slayer strength."

"Dear lord. I hope I didn't ruin yours again."

Buffy found her top behind the sofa. "Nope, still in one piece." She pulled it on.

"Good." Giles headed for the loft to get another shirt, finding the rest of the other one on the stairs. He was still in the bedroom when the door opened a crack and Faith called out, "Is it safe to come in now?"

"Yeah, come on in, cranky guy's still upstairs."

Faith came swaggering in. "I got to tell you B, I didn’t think you had it in you. How is he?"

Buffy crossed her arms. "Not that it’s any of your business, but I don’t know." She glared at them. "We got interrupted."

"And even if we hadn’t been interrupted, she still wouldn’t know. Not until she’s 18. I’m not in a hurry to be deported for having sex with a minor." Giles spoke from the top of the stairs, glaring at Buffy.

"This is because of the candy, right? Please tell me it’s the candy." Xander looked desperate.

"Sort of. The candy made him more of a share guy and we cleared some things up."

"This is not the natural order of things. Who knows what else might have happened last night."

"Yeah, like the way your Mom was dancing with Snyder. If that could happen, anything could happen." Willow looked at Buffy and saw the glance she and Giles shared.

"Snyder and your Mom were dancing together? That is sick." Cordelia said. Xander goggled, his mouth opening and closing without a sound coming out.

"Will, it’s worse."

"You don’t mean they?"

"Yeah. And this morning, when I went home, he was still there. Mom likes him. She said he’s really sweet and misunderstood and she’s going to date him."

Xander sat down abruptly on the floor. "Your Mom. Tall, blonde, beautiful. Joyce? That Mom? She did the horizontal hop with Snyder?" Buffy nodded. "Snyder. Short guy, big ears, looks kinda like a Ferengi? She likes him and wants to date him?"

"Yeah. That‘s not all; she told him about the slaying. He‘s totally on board with it. He said we can use the library as much as we need."

"Well, we need to hit the books, there must be an apocalypse headed our way." Xander stood and headed to the bookshelves.

Buffy looked at Giles and inclined her head towards the patio door. He nodded. "Xander, we need to talk." He led him outside.

Buffy turned to Faith. "During our talk with Snyder this morning, we explained how there are now two Slayers. Mom was really upset to find out that you were living in a motel. We talked it over, and if you want to, you can come stay with us. We have another bedroom that Mom is just using as storage for the gallery. It wouldn’t be any trouble at all to clean it out."

Faith looked at her, stunned. "I don’t know, B."

"I know, you’re used to being on your own, not having to answer to anybody about your comings and goings. It’s up to you. And it is a real offer, she means it, she didn’t just say it to impress Snyder or Giles."

"How do you feel about it?"

"Truth? I worry about Mom when I’m not there. It would be nice to know she’s not always alone. Not that I would expect you to be a babysitter or anything like that." Buffy hastened to add. "You know, when we decided to take turns slaying, if you were there on some of my nights I’d know she’s safe. Too many of the bad guys in town know she’s the Slayer’s mom." Buffy giggled. "Plus it would be nice to have someone else for her to focus her mom radar on, take some of the pressure off me. She can be a real mother hen sometimes."

Faith still looked uncertain. "I need to think about it."

"Okay, whatever you choose, it's cool. If you decide to move in, we're gonna need a couple days to get the room ready. Like I said, she's using it as storage right now."

The patio door opened and Giles entered with a dazed looking Xander. Buffy raised her eyebrows. Giles gave a small shrug. Faith watched the exchange with interest. "When did you two learn read each other's minds?"

Buffy frowned. "What are you talking about?"

Giles said, "We're not reading each other's minds, not exactly. It's more a reading of emotions. Last night while I was under the influence of the candy I did something that the Council has forbidden for the past one hundred years. I created a magical bond between Buffy and myself. Over time it will grow stronger and eventually we will be able to read each other's minds."

Buffy paled. "Giles, you have to turn it off."


"I don't want you to die."

There was a confusing babble of voices as the others in the room protested this statement. Giles raised his hand to silence them. "I have no intention of dying any time soon. Buffy is just concerned about a side effect of the bond." He looked at her, smiling softly. "When a Watcher is bonded to his Slayer, her fate becomes his."

Faith frowned. "And that means?"

"When I die, he dies. Giles, there has to be a way to turn this thing off."

"I'm sorry, Luv, Ripper saw the opportunity to bond with his Slayer and took it. As far as I'm aware, there is no way to sever the bond. And Buffy," he continued gently, "this works both ways. If I die first, you will die with me. This is not something I would have chosen to do. I don't want you to die either."

Buffy went over and gave Giles a hug. "Ripper can be a lot of fun, but he's also a big pain in the butt."

"Yes, well, at the time that was rather the point." He returned her hug, placing a kiss on top of her head.

"Okay, I'm confused. First you said you did it, now you say some dude named Ripper did it. Who was it?"

Willow cut in. "Ripper was Giles back before he was a Watcher. He used to be in a rock band, and the candy made him revert back to that. You should have seen him last night. He looked so cool; tight bluejeans and an earring." She smiled blissfully at Giles, who blushed.

"Major bad boy, huh? I can see it. Even in that tweed he looks good." Faith eyed Giles in a way that made him blush more. She stepped over and took hold of his left arm, examining the tattoo left exposed by the short sleeves of the shirt. "A tattoo even. Interesting design, what's it stand for?"

Buffy grimaced. "This group he was running with at the time raised a demon. The only way it would show up was if you put this tattoo on you. Kinda like making you the demon's property. One of the group died, that's when Giles went back to become a Watcher. Last year Ethan, an old buddy of Rippers, showed up because someone else had raised the demon and it had gotten loose. It was pissed because Giles' group had stopped raising it and it came after everyone with the tattoo." She turned around showing the tattoo on her upper back. "Ethan blindsided me and tied me up, then put the tattoo on me so when the demon showed up it went for me instead of him. We banished the demon, with a little help."

"Why would anyone want to raise a demon?" Faith stared as Buffy and the Scoobies all started grinning.
Giles turned and headed for the kitchen. "I believe that's enough on that subject. Anyone for tea?"

Buffy and Willow started giggling. Faith looked at them in exasperation. "Spill."

Glancing through the kitchen pass through at the red neck of her Watcher, Buffy said, "Eyghon was an orgy demon. When summoned by the ritual, anyone in the room where he appeared became really horny. Ripper and company would go to bars and hit on girls. Tell them all about how they could do magic, REAL magic, and invite the girls' back to their flat to see. They would raise Eyghon and presto, instant party."

Faith looked towards Giles, mouth open in shock. "Major bad boy is right. Damn, B, lucky you. My Watcher had all the personality of a piece of white bread."

"We think that's why the Council made him my Watcher. Ex-rebel Watcher with a bad boy past and the Slayer that didn't get trained. They probably thought we'd get each other killed and it would rid them of two problems at once. I'm still willing to bet that Travers guy did a happy dance when he heard Kendra was Called."

Giles came back into the living room. "Alright, that's enough. I don’t have to justify things that happened before you lot were even born. Was there some reason you descended on us today."

Willow said, "I just wanted to make sure you were okay. That the burns really went away."

"I'm fine, Willow. I do want to apologize for my actions last night. Giving someone magical knowledge in that manner is a terrible invasion of privacy. I'm sorry that I did that while Ripper was in control."

"It's cool. I'm glad I was able to help you. And now I've got all these nifty spells in my head. I can't wait to try some of them." At his look of alarm she hastened to add. "Around you, of course. Just in case I make a mistake." Willow looked troubled. "Giles, why didn't you show me how to do that when Angelus hurt you? You were in so much pain; I could have helped you." Her eyes widened at Buffy's sob. "Oh, sorry, my bad."

Buffy ran for the loft, Giles' eyes following her. He lowered his head, drew a deep breath. "Willow, you were too weak. Mostly because you had already expended so much energy casting the restoration spell, but also due to your injuries when Angelus attacked you." He looked at her, giving her a gentle smile. "I endured, I healed. We all did."

"If I can teach you anything about magic is must be this: Magic should only be used to help others. My giving you that spell last night was selfish. Payment will be demanded of me at some point. It was the same with Eyghon. Randall was killed then, and although it was more than 20 years later, Thomas, Phillip and Deidra also paid with their lives. Part of my payment was the knowledge that it was my fault that Eyghon hurt Buffy and Jenny. I'm sure that the torture I endured at the hands of Angelus was also part of my payment. Ethan's payment was the pain he had to endure when he used the acid to burn Eyghon's symbol from his arm. Selfish use of magic always demands a price."

He touched the tattoo. "That is the real reason I left this here all those years. As a reminder of my reckless use of magic and the price I would one day have to pay."

Faith shook her head. "I feel like I don't know you people at all. Raising demons, restoration spells, tattoos, torture. And who is this Angelus dude you keep talking about?"

Giles turned away, staring out the window. The others exchanged looks, then Xander said, "We'll tell you later."

"No, I'll tell her." Buffy spoke from the stairs. "But not here and not now. Would you patrol with me tonight?" At Faith's nod, Buffy continued down the steps. "Guys, it was nice of you to worry, but as you can see, Ripper has left the building. Would you mind if I throw you out?" The others glanced at Giles, who was still looking out the window; they nodded and silently left. Buffy locked the door behind them.
Buffy crossed the room and laid her head against Giles' back, circling him with her arms. After a few minutes she said, "I love listening to your heartbeat." She gently tightened her arms. "Say, Watcher-mine, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, how about we take a nap?"

Giles reluctantly drew away and turned to face her. "Buffy, you know we can't…."

She giggled. "I said nap and I meant nap, I don't want you deported either." She took his hand and led him towards the loft. "Who knows when we'll get the chance again. I have a feeling Mom is going to be keeping a pretty sharp eye on us for a while, so I want one more really nice memory to hold me till my birthday."

Giles toed off his shoes and lay down on the bed. Buffy kicked off her sandals, waited until he got comfortable, then laid down beside him, placing her head on his chest over his heart. She soon drifted off to sleep, but he remained awake, staring at the ceiling, his thoughts in turmoil.

Patrol had been busy. All the vampires who had been inactive the night before had been out in force, but together the two Slayers had no problems. As they swept the last cemetery, Buffy finished telling Faith all about the Angel/Angelus situation.

"I just couldn't take it. Kendra was dead, the police were after me, I had to send Angel to Hell, Mom kicked me out of the house, the others were hurt and it was all my fault. I ran away. I spent two months working as a waitress in this little diner, just trying not to think about what might be happening here. Then my Slayer karma kicked in and I got kidnapped by a demon and sent to another dimension as a slave. After I led a revolt, kicked the demon's butt and found a way back for the others who were there, I decided I had to face up to what I had done and I came home."

"What happened then?"

"Xander and Willow were mad at me, though Willow tried to hide it. Mom had turned my bedroom into another storage room and was all embarrassed about it. And Giles, Giles just smiled and said welcome home. He never let on about how hurt he had been. None of them told me, though to be honest, I didn't want to know. I just found out last night, when I saw the scars."

"Pretty bad?"

"Yeah. Whip, knife, cigarettes, chainsaw."

"Christ, B. Chainsaw?"

"Giles said that Angelus was so angry that he couldn't break him that he lost control and was going to dismember him with the chainsaw. Just as he cut the top of his left shoulder, Spike kept his part of our deal and stopped him."

"I can't believe you made a deal with a vampire to save Giles."

"I would have made a deal with the devil himself to get Giles out of there. The only thing I couldn't do was to go in myself. That's what Angelus wanted me to do. He wanted to kill Giles in front of me." Buffy stopped and turned to Faith.

"Looks like we're done for the night. I have something I need to do and I would really like some back-up. Would you do me a favor and come with me? It won't take long, half and hour, tops."

Faith nodded and quietly followed Buffy, thinking about everything she had just heard. B's life hadn't been the perky cheerleader existence she had thought it was. Some serious stuff had happened to her and her Watcher. Still she couldn't help but feel a little envious. What would it be like to have a Watcher that would give her that kind of devotion?

Buffy turned down Crawford St. and crossed the lawn of one of the older, unoccupied homes. As they entered a door in the back, Faith heard music. They went down the stairs to the basement and saw a man doing Tai Chi. As the music ended, he turned and saw them standing, watching.

His face lit in a smile, "Buffy, I didn’t expect to see you tonight." He started forward, then stopped abruptly when he noticed Faith. "Who’s your friend?"

"Faith, this is Angel. Angel, this is Faith the Vampire Slayer. She was the one Called when Kendra was killed. You remember Kendra, the Slayer that Drucilla killed when Angelus kidnapped Giles."

"B, I thought you said that you sent him to Hell."

"I did. The Powers sent him back a few weeks ago. He was in bad shape, I’ve been helping him get stronger."

"He looks in pretty good shape to me."

Buffy looked at Angel thoughtfully. "Yeah, a lot better than two days ago. Maybe he wasn’t hurt as bad as I thought."

Angel looked at her reproachfully. "I was very weak. You know what I had endured. I’m just now getting my full strength back."

"Well, now that you’re back to full strength, I’m sure you’ll be wanting to go ahead with your plans to leave Sunnydale."

"What plans?"

"You remember, back before it all went bad, you said you were planning to leave Sunnydale because we couldn’t be together. I think now, more than ever, you’d want to keep to those plans."

"But, the Powers sent me back. You must need me here to help you on the Hellmouth." Angel protested.

"Two Slayers here. I think we can handle the Hellmouth. Maybe the Powers sent you back because someone in LA needs your help. I think you should leave as soon as you can, like tomorrow." Buffy turned and started to leave.

"Wait, Buffy, you don’t mean that. What’s happened? Is Giles forbidding you to see me?"

Buffy stopped, and for an instant Faith saw her face crumble. She stiffened and her face hardened. Turning back she said in a voice of ice, "Giles hasn’t forbidden anything. He doesn’t even know you’re here." She glared. "I saw Giles’ back and chest last night. You should leave before I decide to stake you after all."

Angel did something that Faith thought impossible. He paled. "That wasn’t me. You know that."

"Part of me knows and understands. Part of me wants to stake you here and now so it can never happen to anyone else. Just save us all a lot of trouble and leave." Buffy turned and ran up the stairs and out of the house.

Faith watched as Angel’s shoulders slumped. She said, "Nothing personal, and I think I understand your situation, the soul and all, but if B wants you to leave, you should leave. And if she decides to stake you, don’t count on her not being able to do it, cause if necessary I’ll do it for her." She also left the house. Looking around, Faith saw Buffy standing on the corner, head bent. She joined her and saw the tears sliding down her face. "I’m sorry, B, that had to be hard."

"Yeah, that was hard, but the really hard part is what I have to do next." She wiped the tears from her face and straightened. "I have to tell Giles."

"Why? Angel’s leaving town. Giles doesn’t need to know he was even here."

"Our relationship is just getting started; I’m not going to lie to him. He has to know that the Powers have sent Angel back, even if he never sets foot in Sunnydale again." Buffy drew a deep breath. "Thanks for going with me, the moral support helped." Buffy headed towards Giles’ apartment building.

"B, if it’s okay with you, I’ll go tell your Mom where you are, and why. Take as long as you need, I’ll stay with her." Faith heard a faint, "Thanks" from Buffy retreating figure. She stood thinking for a long time, then headed to Buffy’s house.

Buffy stood staring at Giles’ door, then gathering her courage, she knocked.

Giles opened the door, looking at her in astonishment. "Buffy, I didn’t expect to see you tonight. Come in." After she entered the apartment, Giles took a closer look at her face and pulled her into his arms. "Dear heart, what’s wrong?"

Buffy hugged him back fiercely, taking strength from his nearness. She pulled away and led him over to the couch. He sat next to her, looking at her in concern. "Giles, there’s something I need to tell you."

A Few Months Later - The Day After Graduation Day

Buffy woke from the most marvelous dream, to find that it was real. A warm male body was wrapped around hers and velvet soft lips were buried in the nape of her neck. She opened her eyes and saw the lightening eastern sky through the window of the honeymoon suite at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. The past few months had been a wild ride, but they had finally made it.

And to think it was all because of Ethan Rayne.

Buffy and Giles had kept looking over their shoulders yesterday because they were sure that Ethan would have somehow found out and would try to spoil things, but there had been no sign of him. Both had heaved a great sigh of relief when they finally closed the door to the suite, locking out the world.

Buffy had felt absurdly shy, standing in the middle of the room while Rupert had poured champagne. There had been a few intense encounters between them after her 18th birthday, but he had wanted to wait until they married. One reason had been that, technically, he was her teacher, and even with Snyder on their side it could have caused trouble. The other reason had been Joyce. They had wanted to give her time to accept their relationship, so no fooling around. It hadn’t been easy.

One of the biggest problems they had faced after the beginning of their relationship had been Travers’ attempt to make Giles give her the Cruciamentum on her 18th birthday. Giles had refused, and had told Buffy all about the test. When Kralik got loose and kidnapped Joyce, Buffy had told Travers if her mother died, he was next. Giles had called the Council to get information about Kralik to try to find a weakness, and was told that Travers was working without their authority. Together Buffy and Faith, using the information from the Council, had freed Joyce and destroyed Kralik. Travers was escorted home in chains to face Council judgment.

Saving Joyce had brought Buffy and Faith closer together, and Faith had finally taken her up on the offer to move in with them. Knowing someone cared and the structure of a loving home life gave Faith the stability she needed. Giles had made a passionate plea to the Council for a Watcher for Faith, his point being that since he and Buffy had bonded, he couldn’t give Faith the support or loyalty she deserved. The Council had agreed, but had unfortunately sent a Watcher fresh out of training.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce had at first been unbelievably uptight and self-righteous, but he and Faith had quickly developed into an impressive team. Buffy personally thought a large part of it was due to Faith beating the stuffing out of him during training sessions. The kicker was the first time he went on patrol with her. He finally understood the difference between theory and real life when she saved him from a vampire.

The body behind her shifted, the arms pulling her closer. One hand began moving caressingly across her stomach, the bandages adding a teasing scratchiness. Her mind traveled back to yesterday morning, Graduation Day, the day of the Mayor’s attempted ascension.

Buffy had tried to keep Giles safe. The plan to kill the demon by blowing up the library had kept him out of the main action. It should have worked, however two independent vampires had left the main formation and had found Giles in the shrubbery . He had managed to stake one, but had been fighting a loosing battle with the other when she jumped.

In the midst of his fight he hadn’t seen her come through the window, and when the vampire had knocked him onto the plunger, setting off the explosives, she had been stunned by the flood of pain that had come across the bond. At first she had thought it physical, but had then realized it was emotional. He thought that she was still in the library. With a roar he had jumped up, pummeling the vampire with his bare hands, until Buffy had pulled herself together and staked the vamp.

Giles’ injuries had been minor. Unfortunately this hadn’t been the case for too many others. So many hurt, so many dead. At first they were afraid that Wesley had been paralyzed, but the paralysis had been temporary. Their biggest loss had been Snyder. He had been instrumental in feeding the mayor false information about their plans and Buffy had begged him to leave town with her Mom. He had refused, saying that it would alert the mayor that something was going on if he wasn’t there. Buffy had argued that it would be too late for the mayor to do anything about it. He had finally admitted to her that his real reason was that he didn’t want to disappoint Joyce by running away from something her daughter had to face. At the end, he had distracted the demon for a few precious seconds, giving Buffy a head start on her run to the library.

The lips on her nape moved to her ear. "Good morning, Mrs. Giles." There was a gentle nibble on her lobe.

Buffy turned in her husbands’ arms. "Good morning, My Rupert Bear. Did you sleep well?"

"I’m not sure. Did we sleep?"

Buffy giggled and glanced at the clock on the table behind him. "It would appear we did; a whole two hours."

"Two hours? Long enough." He pulled her to him for a deep kiss. The telephone rang.

Pulling apart, they look at each other, then both heads turned to look at the phone. "You have to be kidding. Who would be calling us?" Buffy looked at Rupert, amazed. He started to reach for the phone, but she grabbed his arm. "Don’t answer it."

"Dear heart, we must. No one would call us unless it was important."

"I don’t care if the Hellmouth is opening, we’re on our honeymoon. Don’t answer it."

"What if something has happened to Joyce?"

Buffy moaned and flopped back on the bed. "Okay, answer it."

"Rupert Giles speaking."

"Hello, Ripper. I was going to leave a message, I thought you’d be too busy shagging your Slayer to answer."

"Ethan, what the hell do you want?"

"Nothing, I was just calling to offer my congratulations. You can thank me the next time we meet."

"Sod off." Rupert slammed the handset down onto the cradle. "Bloody hell." He got out of bed, pacing back and forth angrily.

"Rupert, what’s wrong?" Buffy sat up, viewing him in alarm.

"Bloody pillock is taking credit for our being together."

Buffy smiled, enjoying the sight of his unconscious nudity. "So. He’s right. You would have never made a move on me if you hadn’t been under the influence of the candy, and I would have never noticed you were so sexy."

"It’s one thing for us to admit it to each other, but I’ll be damned if I’ll admit it to him. We’d never be rid of him."

"We’ll never be rid of him anyway. As long as Ethan is alive, he’ll pop up from time to time and irritate us." Buffy got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. "Since we’re up we might as well go down to the breakfast buffet." She started counting silently in her head.

At three, she was swept up and placed back on the bed. Rupert leaned over her, caging her between his arms. "I have all the breakfast I need, right here." He pressed her into the bed, fusing his mouth to hers.

Across town, Ethan Rayne released the spell that had given him a view of the honeymoon suite. Ripper was a lucky dog, no doubt about it. He moved restlessly in his chair. Time to take his mind off what was going on in that room. He made a gesture and the television came on. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was playing and, appropriately enough, the shop keeper was singing the Candy Man song. Ethan started laughing. Chaos was a wonderful master.

The end.

P.S. The use of the initial ’R’ for Snyder’s first name comes from the Sunnydale High School Yearbook. It was the only reference that I found for his first name, so my sister helped me come up with one that would pretty much guarantee that he got picked on. I think that Raleigh fills the bill nicely.
When the idea for this just popped into my head it was nowhere near this long, then like the energizer bunny it just kept going and going.

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