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day three

See, still here.

To quote Han Solo, "I feel like Hell."

My cold has settled in for a long winters nap. Another slow day at work, blessed be, and I made it through, but if I feel tomorrow morning the way I felt this morning, I'm staying home.

I managed to write two whole lines on my Atlantis story, but I did go back over what I had already written and revised quite a bit, so I'll say I did half a page.

I've stayed on my weight loss program for two and a half days, until the car drove itself through the Jack in the Box drive thru on the way home from work. Yep, drove itself. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. How does that saying go, 'there are no mistakes, just poor choices?' Something like that. Anyway, poor choice made. Been there, done that, bought the XXX T-shirt afterwards. Get over it and move on.

Later all.

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