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pushing it

Boy, I keep pushing the edge, but as long as I get it in intime, it counts.

Feeling a lot better today, so obiviously not normal cold cause it only took three days to get over it. Not totally yet, but better. Except for the persistant tickle in my throat that keeps making me cough, and my voice being gone, I could just have bad algergies.

Working on my story right now. Stopped to get this post in. Going pretty good at the moment. Fingers crossed.

Stayed pretty much on program today. Didn't eat everything I could have, appetite still a little off, but didn't eat anything off program so I consider it a win. I'll try to start my walking on Monday. If I walk on my breaks, that's 20 minutes of walking a day, in two 10 minute blocks. Better than nothing. Also, my boss had brought up the idea of one of us in the office coming in an hour later and staying over an hour. If I did that I could go to Curves before work.

Sounds like a plan. Now if I can just get the other girl in the office sold on her still coming in at 7.

I'll keep you posted.

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