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Pope John Paul II. Rest in peace, dear man. You made the world a better place. It will be strange having someone else as pope. Even though this is the third one in my lifetime, he has been there for most of my adulthood. I'm not catholic, don't belong to any organized religion in fact, but religion can be a force for change, and usually for the good. You didn't need to be catholic to recognize that he was a good man.

Now, on to my dull personal life.

Changed pic to Wes. Yum.

Got tax money back, but still waffeling about going to con in Detroit. Part of me wants to go soooooo bad. Was checking information and saw that pictures were being taken on Friday. I was checking the airlines earlier and none of them, in a price range I could afford, could get me there any earlier than 4:30 pm. So if I want to have my picture taken with Tony again I would need to fly in Thursday and it would cost another night in the hotel. On the upside, I could see James' concert. Decisions, decisions. I know my sister would be jumping at the chance if she could. Well, after I win the lottery tonight, it won't be a problem. And I'd pay for Loretta too. So keep your fingers crossed, sis.

I have three B/G wips, and three more in other ficdoms, but all I can think about is two new stories. I wish I could compartmentlize my brain and shove the new ones in a room and lock the door until something else is finished. I really want to get the last chapter of Marriage, Slayer Style done so I can post it and the sequel (which I wrote first, over a year ago). I also want to get the next chapter of Somewhere in Time done because I had so many nice comments on the first two chapters. But Ethan and a kitten named Isis, along with a DomGiles from another dimension keep butting in. At least my muse is keeping busy.


Apr. 3rd, 2005 07:38 am (UTC)
Re: Check the List of Popes
I looked on the list, and to my surprise I found that there had been five popes during my lifetime. The first one I don't remember, I wasn't old enough. John XXIII is the one I remember. I remember all the pomp and ceremony with the funeral and the voting for the new pope, but I would have sworn that was John Paul I. Paul the VI is a complete blank to me I have no memory of him at all, and poor John Paul I was only there for around a month. Big mystery there that got hushed up.



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