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Okay, so I lived through my stage fright.

Got to Vegas, checked into our hotel, and as per instructions, called them to let them know our hotel room number. This was for the limo driver to call and let us know when they were going to pick us up.

Got up Friday morning, showered, got dressed, and waited. I was very nervous, just knowing that at least my Mom and sisters were going to be watching. With co-workers you never know, they say they'll do something then they don't.

Eleven o'clock on the dot the phone rang and the limo driver said she would pick us up at the Tower 1 entrance (we stayed at the Excaliber) at 11:30. Giant butterflies were now taking over my stomach.

Ten minutes later the phone rang again. It was the lady from Via Las Vegas Weddings. It seems that a Canadian televison film crew were there filming weddings and wanted to know if they could film ours to include it in a show.

I couldn't help it, I started laughing. This was perfect. Now I was not only making a fool of myself in front of my family and friends, I was going to be a fool in front of people in another country. All of the butterflies went away and I felt great.

I said yes.

Twenty after eleven we headed down to the entrance and let me tell you we got a lot of looks. Both of us dressed in total black and both carrying black capes lined in red. There was another couple standing outside talking to a limo driver. They were young and dressed in the traditional white. As we stepped out the door the driver said, "There, see, I told you I was waiting for someone else. You are too young to be celebrating your 28th anniversary." The girl stared, but the guy grinned. The limo driver, Laura, helped us into the limo and away we went.

From the minute we stepped out of the limo at Via Las Vegas Weddings, until we got back into the limo to leave, we were filmed by the Canadian company. I'm embarrased to admit that I was just so jazzed by what was going on that I didn't think to ask them what they were filming for. Was it for weird weddings? Was it for weddings done on leap day? Was it for weddings done at that particular company? I do know that they asked us because we were the only ones doing the Gothic service that day, so maybe just leap day weddings.

Any way, the ceremony went by in a flash. The guy doing the Grim Reaper was fun. One really nice thing that they did was work into the ceremony the fact that we were NOT exchanging rings again. Jim can't get his off and we didn't want to cut it off and buy new ones. These have done fine for 28 years and I don't want to break the luck. I can't remember right now how he phrased what he said, but it was good.

We got a copy of the service on DVD and a copy on VHS. It's archived on the Viv Las Vegas Weddings site for the next 90 days so anyone in the entire world can look at it. My Mom and my two sisters watched it live. I've spoken with my one sister, and she said it was fun. She said my Mom giggled while she was watching. My other sister put out the information on the family web site and if I could remember how to get on there I'm sure I'd find all kinds of comments. But I haven't worked up the nerve to watch it myself.


When we got back to the hotel I thought we would change and go get some lunch (it was after 1 o'clock and although I had been up since 7 I hadn't eaten anything). Jim was fine with the lunch idea, but didn't see any reason why we should change. He thought I looked great in my black dress. So we went and had a late lunch, early dinner, in the Sherwood Cafe. Even though we were dressed in black, the waitress took one look at the red rose pinned to Jim's shirt, looked at me, smiled and asked, "Did you just get married?"

So, as you may have been able to tell, we had a wonderful time. It was as fun as I had hoped it would be and if we are lucky enough to be married for another 28 years ( which would make us 84) we'll do it again.

And I might even watch this wedding by then.

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