gilesbabe (gilesbabe) wrote,

Okay, day two. I almost had a happy today. My mother-in -law, who has been staying with us since just before Christmas, expressed an interest in leaving early. Her flight is scheduled for April 5th, but she has plans to spend the last two weeks with friends in Phoenix. This morning she said she wanted to spend a little more time with them and wanted to go today.


Only problem, they never answered their voice mail when she called to ask if she could come up today.


Because of our work, we won't have another opportunity to take her to Phoenix unit next Sunday. We had already called in to take a day off work today, so it won't be possible to do again. So, we're stuck.

Of course, my husband doesn't feel that way, but then she is HIS mother.

Oh, well, only six more days.

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