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Who ever was so kind as to nominate me for round four of the Bodice Ripper awards, THANK YOU!! I really apreciate that someone out there likes my writing.

On to dull personal stuff.

Got the results of the blood tests back. At 206 the cholesterol is high, BUT, LDL/HDL ratio is 3.1 which the doctor says is good. By changing my eating habits through WW I should be able to bring the total score down. Anyway, the doctor is willing to wait and see and doesn't feel the need for meds at this time.

Glucose is borderline high at 100. Normal is considered 64-104. Again, change in diet and exercise should help bring that down. So, for now, no meds. But the doctor was very strict with me because of my extreme weight and that fact that both my Mom and my older brother are diabetic.

Liver enzyme panel looked a little odd, the alkaline phospherise (Spell?) was way up. 116 and normal is considered 28-99. But the doctor seems to think that it's because I'm in the early stages of memopause. Same with the T4 in the thyroid profile.

Doctor was pleased with my weight loss and wants to run the bloodwork again in another month, to see if the diet and exercise does make any difference. Keep your fingers crossed.

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