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Damn, Damn, DAMN!!!!! Still don't have the car back. Word is that it will cost AT LEAST $450 to fix what they know is wrong with it. There may be other things that they can't tell until they fix the first two problems. So. No Detroit convention. I will have to hope that Tony gets scheduled for another con later in the year, like maybe Septemeber or October. Yeah, October would be nice, then it could be my birthday present. Any way, looking on the bright side, it will give me more time to lose more weight and I won't be so embarrased to meet him.

Working on chapter four of Somewhere in Time. This story is a lot more depressing than I had thought it would be. Maybe because of my state of mind, or maybe, just maybe, that to be realistic it has to go through the grief process first. I've had to move a box of tissues next to the computer because I keep crying as I write.

Am also working on the plot bunny I adopted from wickedfox. This one is strange for me. I've not attempted PWP sex before and I'm finding it a little difficult. Hope it doessn't sound too stilted. Buffy's Halloween costume is certanily an eye-opener, as is her behavior.

I keep checking my e-mail for my ficathon assignment, but it hasn't arrived yet. I'm really anxious because this is the first one I've participated in. Hope the one I get isn't too very different from what I write. But if it is, so what. That's the purpose of joining groups like this, to expand your writing skills. As well as just plain having fun.

Goofed off enough for now. Back to the story.


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